Volunteer Opportunities at Baptist Health

As a faith-based, nonprofit health system, Baptist Health is rooted in philanthropy, with many of our hospitals founded by compassionate volunteers who felt a great responsibility to provide quality healthcare in their hometowns. Today, we continue this tradition, encouraging the community to play a part in our mission to improve health, not just as patients, but as supporters, helpers and advocates for those in need.

Across our regions, members of the community serve on Patient Advisory Councils and serve on our leadership boards, offering key input to help shape our health system. In addition, many of our volunteers coordinate fundraising events that support our charitable foundations, raising funds for advanced technology and additional resources to help us provide better care and make a patient’s stay more comfortable.

Whether you’ve volunteered for a few hours or for many years, we thank you for sharing your time and your talents— and for partnering with Baptist Health to transform our communities. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please learn more about the volunteer programs available, across the system.