Going Home

Baptist Health realizes you are anxious to return home and will do our best to finalize your discharge as soon as possible. Before you can leave, several steps must take place to ensure accurate completion of your medical chart.

  • The Discharge Process
    The discharge procedure begins with a written dismissal order from your doctor. After this order is written and given to the nurse, discharge arrangements will be made. Discharge arrangements may include obtaining written prescriptions, arranging for continued care at home and talking with other physicians involved in your care to ensure everything is in order before you leave. Before leaving you will be asked to pay all co-payments and deductibles. A statement of all your charges will be mailed to your home upon final billing.

When all necessary steps are complete, your physician and nurse will discuss take home instructions with you. Remember to check your room carefully for any personal belongings before you leave.

  • Transportation Home
    The nurse will assist you by arranging transportation to your car. Patients should make arrangements for transportation home. When you are ready to leave, an attendant or family member may escort you in a wheelchair and see that you get safely into your car.
  • Patient Satisfaction
    Once you are home, you may be sent a patient satisfaction survey, which you are urged to fill out and send back. This survey measures patient satisfaction and enables the hospital to provide patients with the very best healthcare.