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Founded in 1924, Baptist Health has been bringing advanced medical technology, modern facilities, and many of the region's most prominent physicians and medical professionals to the communities of our commonwealth for nearly a century. Baptist Health is a large non-profit hospital system with a rich history and reputation of excellence.

Teams at Baptist Health have consecutively ranked camaraderie and purpose as top areas of strengths.

Be a part of a team that inspires you to grow and develop in an organization that embraces and values varying perspectives.

Build a career where you can directly impact the health and well-being of those in our communities in an environment that is safe, inclusive, and supportive.

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- [Leslie] I'm a same-day surgery nurse
here at Baptist Health.

My favorite aspect of being a nurse
is just being there for patients.

- [Allison] I work in the emergency department
here at Baptist Health.

I drive almost an hour every day
to work here at Baptist.

I do it because, you know,
it's a wonderful place to work.

- [Brittany] I'm with Baptist because
we are patient and family centered.

- [Hanna] Being at Baptist Health makes me happy
because of the people that are around me that

welcomed me to Kentucky and made this feel like home.

- [Melissa] I have worked here for 30 years,
which is an extremely long time.

I've never ever thought to go anywhere else.

- [Kati] I work at Baptist Health in the lab,
and I left a full-time salary job to come back

part-time because I knew the people here.

- We are all a family.

We know who you are, not your name, who you are.

- [Jillian] I felt an immediate connection
to all my coworkers.

- [Gentry] Being right out of nursing school,
I can just feel the support,

and it's like everyone's on the same wavelength.

- The dynamics are incredible.

We work extremely well together.

The physicians are awesome.

- Support is everywhere.

- Here at Baptist Health, we take care of each other,
and we take care of our patients.

- [Shoshana] I chose Baptist Health for that, family.

- We are a hospital that is taking care of their
community, and we truly do that.

- Being able to give patients back to their families
after a life-changing event is more inspiration than we

could ever hope for.

- I'm inspired each day to do my best because I think
of each patient as if that was my family member.

- I think I make an impact every day,
encouraging those moms that whether she believes she

can do it or not, she can.

That fills my cup.

- My inspiration is the impact that
I can make on people's day,

and that doesn't just mean my patients,
but my coworkers.

- Baptist is faith-based.

Their mission is something that I believe in.

- Do unto others as you want done unto yourself.

- It's a human being with a spirit and a mind,
and that is truly the art of nursing.

- We treat anybody and everybody that walks through our
doors with the same healing hearts and hands.

- I feel like there's no better way to love your
neighbor than to take care of people on the worst days

of their lives.

- Baptist is more than I ever expected,
and it's given me more than I ever imagined it would.

I'll work at Baptist as long as they'll have me.

- They always say you have a home family and you have
a work family, and I can definitely say that

here at Baptist, our work family is the best ever.

- So as long as I'm going to be a nurse,
I want to work here at Baptist

because these are my people and this is my hospital.

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