Patient Scheduling

Baptist Health understands how valuable your time is. Our Patient Connection Hub is here to help.

The Patient Connection Hub is a one-stop connection to accessing primary and specialty medical care throughout all Baptist Health service areas.

Managing your health is now easier than ever. With our Patient Connection Hub, you can call one toll-free number to find or schedule an appointment with our Baptist Health Medical Group providers, within any of our service areas.

Schedule with a Baptist Health Medical Group Provider:


Staffed by friendly, experienced and knowledgeable Baptist Health representatives, the Hub provides a one-stop, direct line for your healthcare needs. This helps ensure you receive the right care, from the right provider, at the right time.

By calling the Hub, you can:

  • Make an appointment with a Baptist Health Medical Group provider.
  • Find a primary care provider or a specialist.
  • Request information about any of our services.

Our Patient Connection Hub staff look forward to connecting you and your family members to high quality healthcare.

Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m.–6 p.m.


For quick, convenient access, save the Hub’s number in your contacts list on your mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Patient Connection Hub?
The purpose of the Patient Connection Hub is to connect patients who are needing a primary care provider or a specialty care provider throughout all of Baptist Health’s service areas. The goal is to get both new and established patients in to see a designated provider as quickly as possible.
How does the Patient Connection Hub benefit me as a patient?
The Patient Connection Hub allows practice staff to focus on patients at the practice, and not have to answer incoming phone calls. The average wait time to speak with a Patient Connection Hub representative is less than one minute.
Will I speak to someone in my provider’s office when I call the Patient Connection Hub?
Our team of Patient Connection Hub representatives are located in a central location where they work daily with practice staff, and are in constant communication with patients to ensure needs are met and questions or concerns are answered.
Why does my provider’s office use the Patient Connection Hub?
The Patient Connection Hub allows office staff to focus on the patients who are in the office. The practice office staff has more time to check patients in and out, handle billing and focus on follow up appointments and scheduling procedures.

Schedule with a Baptist Health Medical Group Provider:


Oftentimes, I am the first person a new patient speaks with, and their impression of me sets the overall tone for their impression of Baptist Health. To them, I am Baptist Health. During my tenure here, I have laughed with patients, I have cried with patients, and I have prayed for patients.

- Pamela Williams, Patient Connection Hub Access Coordinator


The goal of the Patient Connection Hub is to assist practice staff and providers, allowing more time to focus on patient care. The Patient Connection Hub staff handles many tasks, such as indexing referrals, calling patients to schedule appointments, answering incoming calls, and much more. Staff at the Patient Connection Hub are a vital link, connecting patients with specialty care. It is so rewarding to assist patients that are struggling with their health, and being able to connect them to a specialist to get relief.

- Scott Blome, Hub Access Coordinator


As a previous practice employee, I understand the challenge of balancing between caring for in-office patients and answering incoming phone calls. It was normal to have 4-5 phone lines ringing, while attempting to assist multiple in-office patients at the same time. The Patient Connection Hub is not only a great benefit to our patients, but to practice staff as well. The Hub staff allow practice staff to spend more “face time” with our patients, while decreasing wait times for patients calling the practice. The Patient Connection Hub is a great resource for Baptist Health patients and staff.

- Kendra Owaimrein, Tier 1 Hub Access Coordinator


We treat our patients like family, and do whatever we can to assist them. We empathize with them, and understand when patients call us, it’s because they’re in pain and need our assistance. Our agents assist in scheduling appointments and relaying messages to orthopedic practice staff—we are the patient’s voice and bridge of communication. We help patients with a wide range of concerns, and try to do so with a smile. We want patients to realize how important they are to us.

- LaMont Griffin Testimonial, Patient Connection Hub Orthopedics