Imaging and Diagnostics

Baptist Health provides safe and efficient inpatient and outpatient diagnostic imaging for adults and for children (imaging for children available at only some locations). As one of the area’s most advanced diagnostic imaging centers, our services are fully integrated with our excellent medical care. In this way, we work together to detect the earliest signs of disease or injury and provide expert treatment.

Advanced Imaging Services

Our fellowship-trained radiologists and technologists use advanced technology to provide high-quality imaging services to diagnose, monitor and treat illnesses and injuries.

With You Every Step of the Way 

If you need diagnostic imaging, you can count on the compassionate and skilled team at Baptist Health to be with you every step of the way. Our staff includes fellowship-trained radiologists, radiologic technologists, ultrasonographers and nuclear medicine technologists. From helping you prepare for your tests to listening carefully to your questions and clearly explaining everything you need to know, you’ll appreciate our careful attention and support.

Our Team

The radiology team at Baptist Health works together to provide the highest level of care for every patient. Each team member is highly trained in the use of our advanced imaging technologies and in meeting the individual needs of our patients.

Preparing for Your Test

Preparing for your imaging test is an important way to assure the best results. We will carefully explain the test to you so you understand what you will feel and what will happen. Some imaging tests require no special preparation, while others may require that you avoid eating or drinking for a certain period prior to the test, require you inhale or swallow a special dye or tracking substance, or require you to drink a large volume of water or other liquid. We will provide full instructions for you to follow prior to your test.

Comforts and Convenience

We strive to make every part of your diagnostic imaging experience as pleasant and convenient as possible. Appointments are offered to help fit your schedule. Plus, all imaging exams are digital. That means they become part of your medical record and can be recalled at any time at any Baptist Health or Baptist Health affiliated location through your electronic medical record.