Volunteer Opportunities at Baptist Health Richmond

Volunteerism has long been a driving force at Baptist Health. The hospital was founded by volunteers in 1892 and more than a hundred years later, volunteers continue to play a vital role in the hospital's growth. From the all-volunteer boards of directors, which spend countless hours working on the medical center's behalf, to the dozens of people it takes to organize the annual Baptist Health Auxiliary Ball, volunteerism is an integral part of the medical center's philosophy.

Baptist Health offers a diverse range of on-going and project-related volunteer opportunities. Some people volunteer every week and others spend their time working on a specific project or event. Some interact with patients or help the medical center in different ways-by offering information and directions to hospital visitors or escorting patients to appointments. Some people volunteer simply because it makes them feel good. "I just want to make some contribution in return for the space I take up on this earth," says one of our long-time volunteers. "I hope I can cheer somebody up each day that I am here."

For more information, call 859.625.3110.