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Medicine doesn’t stand still. New developments in medical technology, and in diagnostic and treatment protocols, occur with increasing frequency. The need to evaluate these developments, with the goal of improving patient healthcare, is central to the Baptist Health commitment to clinical research.

Baptist Health partners with a variety of industry and cooperative groups to conduct research. We work with pharmaceutical and device companies, as well as governmental agencies and private organizations. The outcome of these clinical trials advances the healthcare services we deliver to our patients. Trials can provide patients with treatments, offer preventive and population health insights, and facilitate diagnoses.

Our goal is a research program that:

  • Accurately evaluates protocol feasibility during the pre-award process;
  • Ensures quality execution;
  • Meets enrollment targets; and
  • Provides necessary assistance and guidance to research investigators.

Baptist Health is a premier destination for any potential sponsor looking to implement a cutting-edge research initiative.

Baptist Health Advantages

At Baptist Health, our leadership in clinical research is directly linked to our organizational mission of serving the healthcare needs of patients and communities across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. We offer a fully integrated, centralized research model, which allows us to meet the changing landscape of clinical-trial research in the most efficient, resource-friendly way.

  • Our studies span many service lines. Throughout the Baptist Health system, we offer:
  • Centralized business and regulatory operations.
  • Standardized financial and operational procedures.
  • A system-wide Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS).
  • A standard administrative fee schedule for research services.
  • A multidisciplinary population of principal investigators.
  • Experienced, credentialed research coordinators and nurses.
  • Standardized use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) with data reporting.
  • Utilization of both a single local Institutional Review Board (IRB), and external central IRBs across the system.
  • Organization-wide compliance oversight.
  • Additionally, the Baptist Health System is uniquely situated to recruit hard-to-reach and under-represented populations. 
  • We manage the research process to maximize benefits for every stakeholder, but always with an eye to bettering healthcare for those we serve. 

The Relationship

At Baptist Health, we view research sponsors as partners, as we work in tandem to achieve shared goals and outcomes. We utilize defined clinical-trial protocols to coordinate the systematic collection of data in a timely manner, while at the same time communicating actively with sponsors, often on a daily basis. Ours is a dynamic, mutually focused relationship, with an emphasis on sharing information, meeting milestones, and bringing every research initiative to a successful conclusion.

Contact Us

If you are interested in Baptist Health as a clinical-trial site, please contact:

Micheal Stephens, MBA, CCRP
Associate Vice President, Research
Baptist Health Kentucky and Southern Indiana
PH: 1.866.213.3025 or 859.260.6456