Our Mission, Vision and Values at Baptist Health

Our Mission & Values.


Baptist Health demonstrates the love of Christ by providing and coordinating care and improving health in our communities.


Baptist Health will lead in clinical excellence, compassionate care, and growth to meet the needs of our patients.

Faith-Based Values

As a faith-based health system, Baptist Health places special emphasis on our core values, treating all with integrity, respect, and compassion, with a focus on excellence and collaboration in all that we do, helping us to experience the joy of caring for others.

  • Integrity involves doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching, and having the courage to be honest with each other and owning our actions so as to serve the best interests of our patients and organization.
  • Respect is the way we treat others by holding in high regard the dignity and worth of each individual, including every patient, family member and co-worker, and empowering each of them to develop to their own potential.
  • Compassion embodies the concern, consideration, and sensitivity with which we care for our patients, families, and co-workers; and is shown daily by our caring nature and presence in everything we do.
  • Excellence is a commitment to always operating at our best and improving daily in all we do to ensure that our work is performed with the highest level of skill and ability by recruiting and developing competent people whose values reflect our own.
  • Collaboration serves as the driving force for improving efficiencies and outcomes by working together as a team with our patients, families, co-workers and partners to serve the overall good while recognizing the strengths in our diversity.
  • Joy is the internal fulfillment of caring for others and a determined choice to positively impact relationships within our organization, and serves as an essential ingredient in bringing hope to those who suffer.