Research at Baptist Health Lexington

A Leader in Medical Research for Over 30 Years

Medical research is an essential tool for evaluating the most effective therapies and diagnostic methods. At Baptist Health Lexington, we’ve been conducting medical research for over 30 years. Our clinical trials have played a significant role in the development of new treatments for diseases. Our studies allow patients to remain in their community and continue to see their doctors and other medical providers while taking advantage of new drugs and therapies tested on a national level. Patients enrolling in research at Baptist Health Lexington participate in treatments at the forefront of care.

Clinical Expertise Is Our Core Strength

Our medical research team is part of the Baptist Health Research program which is located at Baptist Health Lexington hospital. The Lexington team maintains a professional staff comprised of dedicated research management, clinical research coordinators, data specialists, and are supported by the Baptist Health Office for Research Administration.  The administrative office includes research nurses, regulatory specialists, finance and business staff, and an internal compliance specialist. Most of our staff have been with the Clinical Research Center for multiple years, leading to more than nine decades of collective research experience.

Research Highlights

Below are highlights of some of the research currently being conducted at Baptist Health Lexington:

  • ONYX Study. This study is focused on investigational treatment and routine care for patients with previously untreated extensive-stage, small-cell lung cancer. Principal investigator Firas Badin, MD, a hematologist and oncologist, has been recognized as the top enroller for phase 1b/2. Dr. Badin presented preliminary data from the study at the 2015 World Lung Conference in Denver, Colorado. 
  • LEADLESS II Study. LEADLESS II is designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Nanostim Leadless Cardiac Pacemaker System in patients indicated for a VVI(R) pacemaker. The cardiac-pacemaker system has potential to eliminate leads, pockets, and connectors required by conventional pacemakers and to reduce associated complications. Baptist Health Lexington is only location in Kentucky to offer this cutting-edge technology. 
  • FIX HF Trial. This trial’s purpose is to evaluate the Optimizer System, a new technology for managing the symptoms of patients with moderate to severe heart failure. Use of this device in Kentucky is limited to individuals participating in the clinical trial at Baptist Health Lexington. 
  • Publication and presentation. The medical research staff at Baptist Health Lexington shares the findings of its clinical studies with the world. One example is John Barton, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist and leader in the field of maternal fetal medicine. He has presented his research in numerous professional settings, including the 10th Congress of Obstetric Critical Care in Shanghai, China, during 2015.

Looking for Cures in All the Right Places

Since its establishment in 1999, the Clinical Research Center has conducted several hundred trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas, including but not limited to:

  • Oncology research 
  • Hematology research 
  • Bariatric research 
  • Cardiac research 
  • Electrophysiology (EP) research 
  • Obstetrics research 
  • Neonatal research 
  • Stroke research 
  • Neuro-interventional research 
  • Pulmonary Medicine research 
  • Orthopedic research

In addition, we offer trial-matching services for research being conducted at other facilities, both inside and outside the Baptist Health network. Our goal is to offer patients the widest possible range of options for advanced clinical treatment.

Areas of Emphasis

Baptist Health Lexington offers both observational trials focusing on prevention, diagnosis, and population health with respect to specific medical conditions, as  well as treatment trials for investigating the efficacy and safety of new drugs and medical devices. We are currently undertaking a range of commercially and federally sponsored trials in the areas of orthopedic surgery, neurology, cardiology, electrophysiology, neonatal care, pulmonary medicine, stroke, neuro-intervention, obstetrics, and hematology/oncology, with a particular emphasis on oncology, electrophysiology, obstetrics, and neuro-intervention.

Program Highlights

The research program at Baptist Health Lexington is nationally recognized for its excellence:

  • More than 40 physicians currently serve as investigators or co-investigators on research projects. 
  • The program’s medical personnel are leaders in their fields. Many serve on national scientific advisory boards. 
  • A majority of the program’s support staff have been certified as Clinical Research Professionals through the Society of Clinical Research Administrators (SOCRA) or the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP). 
  • Baptist Health Lexington is affiliated with the National Cancer Institute’s adult oncology treatment group, NRG Oncology. 
  • Baptist Health Lexington collaborates with the Guardian Research Network, a consortium of community health systems that expand patient access to leading treatments and therapies.

How to Contact Us

For general questions about the research program at Baptist Health Lexington, Richmond, or Corbin, please contact the hospital’s research site managers:

Franklin Echevarria
Research Site Manager
Phone: 859.260.3197

Karli Herald
Research Site Manager
Phone: 859.260.6362

If you are currently participating in a trial and have a question, please contact your study coordinator, your physician, or the physician overseeing your study. Contact information was included with the consent documents you signed when you enrolled in the trial.

Where We’re Located

Baptist Health Lexington Clinical Research Center
1740 Nicholasville Road
Lexington, KY 40503

Micheal F. Stephens

Associate Vice President, Research

Baptist Office of Research Administration

Phone: 859-260-6456