Patient Safety and Quality

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At Baptist Health, Patient Safety is a Team Effort - and You're the Most Important Part of the Team

Patient safety is a top priority at Baptist Health. It’s a foundational component of our commitment to patient-centered, compassionate care and your overall health and wellness. Ensuring appropriate medications for your condition, assisting with the tasks of daily living, communicating the reason for tests and procedures, asking your opinion – these are all aspects of our focus on your safety.

This kind of commitment calls for a team effort. Each person in our organization is involved in patient safety in some capacity, whether it’s through good communication, a safe process for drug dispensing, or a pledge to good hand hygiene. The single most important member of the team is you. You and your loved ones are encouraged to ask questions, listen to answers, and participate as full members on the road to your recovery.

Information is key to patient safety. We, at Baptist, take communicating the information you need seriously so that you can be an equally informed member of your patient care team. Explore this section to learn more about patient safety at Baptist Health, including steps you can take to play an active role in this process. We welcome your voice, and we welcome you to our team.

What Makes Us Different?

At Baptist Health, we are continuously improving patient outcomes by becoming a more highly reliable organization focused on a culture of safety and process excellence. This commitment is fully backed by investments in people and processes.