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- [Joyce] This is our pink run,
Glow Run it's called.

The proceeds for this year is going to
Tri-county Cancer Coalition which is our

local cancer coalition and they give our
patients money. They help them

out with gas money, gas cards.

- [Keysha] Our little small town
really has this big support system.

I was recently diagnosed with breast
cancer and went through some surgeries

and this week I'm getting ready to start
chemo. So, it's amazing to have a cancer

center here that we can love, and trust,
and know that we're in good hands.

- As a nurse navigator,
I helped that patient through their

cancer journey. I tried to help them I
call it "make peace with cancer."

I just think just being there for them,
knowing that they can call me.

They've got my cell phone number.

- [Susan] One day I was very, very sick
and I had done everything that I had been

told to do and I was still so sick.
I got her card out and I called her.

She came to the phone and she was so
gracious and so glad that I called.

And, she just talked to me for as long as
I needed her to talk to me,

and she helped me, and I felt better
knowing that somebody was there to help me

and to help my family.

- [Donna] I think the personal
relationship is the best in mental health

and physical health.
If you know that people care about you,

they feel more comforted.
I was diagnosed in August 2015

with invasive ductal carcinoma,
and I had five months of chemotherapy,

then bilateral mastectomy,
and then 28 radiation treatments,

and several reconstructive surgeries.
They referred me a lot of breast cancer

patients now because I understand what
they're going through.

- [Lisa] I do have a personal story
dealing with cancer.

Not only on the clinical side but I lost a
spouse at age 34 to glioblastoma.

So, I was working in cancer care
at the time. And, I don't know,

I'd say I think God put me here to kind of
guide him through treatment and

these cancer patients just have
a special place in my heart.

- Since 2008, I found a mass in my breast
and I knew what it was because I'd had

some benign masses before and went real
well. Wouldn't take it out of my life

for anything because it's made me who I am
and it helps me understand these ladies.

They know that I know
what they're going through.

- I hope mostly out of this event that
people... It raises an awareness

for cancer. I think mammograms are super
important. A mammogram saved my life.

- I've never been a part of something
that's so strong and it just...

it makes me feel good.

- Never give up. Whatever comes your way,
you just take one step after the other

and you'll get through it.
I'm just happy to be well and thankful.

- It's just it's an amazing field
to work in.

♪ [music] ♪

How is Baptist Health Corbin involved in our community?

Baptist Health Corbin is very involved with the community in Whitley, Knox and Laurel counties through various programs, events and support groups. It is important to us to give back to the community that supports us and seeks care from us at important times in their lives. We also want to encourage our community to be as healthy as they can be through our community health programs.

Many of the programs we host with and for the community are below and linked to additional information or registration pages. We hope you will join us in our involvement in the community as we always encourage volunteers and support by attending our programs. We look forward to seeing you out in our community!

  • Health Fairs and Career Fairs
  • Paint the Town Pink Race
  • Ribbons in the Park
  • Project Fit America
  • Movie Night
  • Golf Tournament
  • Support Groups – Diabetes Smart, Diabetes Support, Breast Cancer Support, Cancer Support.
  • Prenatal Classes - For a full list, please visit our Events & Classes page.
  • Cancer Survivor Dinner
  • Silver Ball Gala
  • Ladies in Red
  • Baby Fest
  • Cardiovascular Symposium
  • Diabetes Symposium
  • Civic Organizations and Chambers