Digital Health

Digital Health connects technology and healthcare that enhances and expands delivery, personalizes medicine, connects populations and engages patients in their well-being at Baptist Health. The goal of Digital Health is to improve patient access to care, respond to patient expectations in the healthcare industry and provide quality and value.

Ultimately, Digital Health improves the patient experience by lowering barriers to care, improving convenience, and getting patients more involved in their own care.

Digital Health Access

Use these digital tools to help manage your health.

Get the Baptist Health MyHealth App

The app provides easy access to:

  • MyChart
  • Provider Search
  • Urgent Care Online Check-In
  • Location Search
  • Download our app:
  • App Store Logo
  • Google Play Logo

Sign up for MyChart

MyChart is a free patient portal that can be used to:

  • Schedule appointments with providers
  • Receive lab and test results
  • Communicate with your physicians
  • Have video visits
  • Complete eCheck-ins
  • Request prescription refills
  • Access your family's records
  • Pay a bill