Educational Classes at Paducah

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♪ - [Bonnie Schrock]

Every day we have patients coming in that have severe cardiovascular disease and they're just learning about it for the very first time when they come into the cath lab. And so, our goal through Project Fit is to prevent that from happening in the first place.

- [Adam Ford]

My dad and I were real close and, in 2009, I get a bad phone call from my mom saying that he was going to have quadruple bypass surgery in two hours. So instead of going to North Carolina, we went to Baptist. And it was a successful surgery.

- We know that if you're going to change a community, you start with changing a person who has an impact on their family, who has an impact on their circle. So if we can reach kids and they're talking to their parents and grandparents about things like not smoking, reducing fat in their diet, and physical activity, those are the three things that if we all do those things, we'll improve our health status and lifestyle tremendously. Project Fit is an overall health education curriculum that includes outdoor fitness equipment, indoor fitness equipment, and education. Curriculum for the teachers to use.

- [Jeffery Sturm]

Project Fit, not only does it teach exercise and physical fitness, but it's also teaching the kids about safety, goal setting, cooperation, teamwork, communication. There's so many things that Project Fit teaches. And they're able to get out there and teach their parents and teach their grandparents on upper body strength, on lower body strength, on abdominal strength. They're able to show their parents what that looks like.

- [Canon Ford]

There's a Gold, Silver, Bronze, and then the highest one's Kong. And I try to get Kong every time.

- Athletics isn't everything, but exercise, your health, is. And so, it makes me feel great that he's gaining knowledge on how to set goals, in general, for life. I think I can speak on behalf of most families in Paducah, Baptist Health brings comfort.

- We've been blessed here in Reidland Intermediate through the grant of Baptist Health to have the Project Fit curriculum and the Project Fit, you know, fitness equipment. So, the biggest thing that we can say, from us here at Reidland Intermediate is "Thank you."

- You're not only working, you're having fun while doing it. And you get excited. And you want to do more.

- We want to be a good neighbor. Baptist wants to demonstrate that it has an investment in this community not just now but in the future. I think when you see a child make real change in his or her life, and they begin to have that ripple effect on their parents, and their grandparents, and their aunts and uncles, and other people in their family, that's a win. ♪ [music]

How is Baptist Health Paducah involved in our community?

Baptist Health Paducah is very involved with the community in western Kentucky through various programs, events and support groups. Baptist Health Paducah considers it a responsibility and a privilege to be a good citizen of our community. We take our responsibility of good stewardship of healthcare dollars seriously by committing to help make our community a better place to live.

We hope you will join us in our involvement in the community as we always encourage volunteers and support by attending our programs. We look forward to seeing you out in our community!

Charities Supported by Baptist Health Paducah

Contributing to charities both local and nationally is very important to us at Baptist Health Paducah. Our top five charities contributed to are:

  • CARE Fund for employees of Baptist Health Paducah
  • Baptist Health Foundation Paducah Mission Advancement Fund
  • Baptist Health Foundation Tommy Smith Endowment Fund
  • United Way of Paducah-McCracken County
  • Easter Seals West Kentucky
  • Relay for Life

Not only is the hospital as an organization involved in the community, but also our staff and employees are very involved. Our employees serve on community boards supporting health, economic development, and service and arts organizations. They also raise funds for community organizations, such as United Way, Easter Seal and American Cancer Society.

Community Awards & Recognition

Baptist Health Paducah is one of the largest employers in McCracken County and because of this; we are able to give to our community in many ways, which have led to recognition throughout our time giving back. In addition to that, we have also received the following:

  • Civic Beautification Award
  • Community Service and Sponsorship Award from the Paducah NAACP 
  • KYHEALTHNOW School Health Program Award 
  • Pink Glove Dance for breast cancer awareness, 2nd place in international contest