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Image of Navin Raj Kaini MD

Image of Navin Raj Kaini MD

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Long COVID is also referred to as post COVID syndrome. It is a constellation of symptoms in patients who were infected with COVID-19 infections in the past. We have lots of patients that come in with post COVID pulmonary symptoms with chronic lung disease. These patients have shortness of breath, have decreased quality of life, need of oxygen.

You know once I got home, I realized I couldn't take a shower by myself. You know I couldn't walk. I had to have assistance going to the restroom. I was basically helpless.

In our hospital here we have outpatient pulmonary rehab center where we service all of the central Kentucky area. We individualize our therapy based on the patient's specific needs.

With the pulmonary rehab team, it's sort of like me going to work. It gives me a reason to get up out of the bed, go up there and they were just very inspirational. They cheered me on. They pushed. They wanna see me do better. And it's like a family. You know, I've met a lot of people in there, made a lot of friends. It's been good for my physical as well as for my mental aspect as well.

When I was in the hospital, my lungs were in bad shape. I had been told that I was a good candidate for a lung transplant. They didn't think that my lungs basically were repairable.

When I heard that news, I think that even made me want to push more and, you know, it even try harder. And with the doctor's help, the pulmonary therapy, that's, you know, that's not even in talks today.

Nowadays, I'm getting back to a more normal lifestyle you know, a lot of people talk about normal as boring, but it's not. I would like to be bored again.

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