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Lexington Virtual Visit Using Tytocare

Doctor pointing to screen

Treating an Enlarged Prostate

Doctor pointing to screen

Lexington Treating an Enlarged Prostate

Image of Jeannine Perrenoud DO

La Grange Repairing a Hernia with Surgery

Image of K. John Yun from Wistia Video

When to Seek Care For Ear Problems

Image of Tex Ritter APRN

Floyd The Heart Failure Clinic

Image of Biruk Almaz MD

Floyd Colorectal Surgery

Image of Marissa Scent PHARMD

Corbin Managing Lipid Disorders

"I’m just so appreciative for the life that I have and realize how many blessings I have and to not take any of it for granted."

Maddie Campbell had a hole in her heart and didn’t know it

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