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Causes and Treatment of Hepatitis C in Richmond, KY

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Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by a virus that
infects the liver.

Hepatitis C is transmitted by mostly
AVI drug use, unsterilized tattoos,

from mother to child during birth,
and also sexual contact.

If you're born between the years of 1945 and 1965,
you're at risk for hepatitis C just because it wasn't

as well known during those years.

Over time, hepatitis C causes
inflammation in the liver.

That inflammation can lead to scarring called cirrhosis
and eventually cirrhosis can even lead

to hepatocellular carcinoma which is liver cancer.

So hepatitis C is treated with an oral tablet,
a pill that you take by mouth,

and usually the treatment is from 2 to 3 months.

At Baptist Health Richmond,
we have a dedicated hepatitis C clinic so that we can

keep everyone together in the same area and have it
more of a streamlined treatment center so that you can

get things taken care of and it can be organized to the
point where you get your blood work on time,

you get your medications refilled,
all within one visit.

It makes it more convenient for the patient overall.

I see people coming in and I can see them from the
first visit being worried and concerned and feeling

down and out from it to the last visit when I get to
tell them that their hepatitis C is cured.

So that's a really exciting moment for them
and it helps them in the future.

It helps them put the old life
behind them and move on to better things.

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Performing a Hernia Repair Surgery with Mesh

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A hernia is defined as a defect
in the anterior abdominal wall.

So it's really a hole in the fascia
and it allows the organs from the

inside to protrude to the outside.

Symptoms of a hernia are
bulging, pain, and pressure.

A hernia tends to get worse with things
like heavy lifting or prolonged standing.

It tends to increase over time
and they tend to be relieved

with lying down or not exercising.

In general, when a hernia has contents
in it such as fat or bowel, especially,

then it's time to go ahead
and get that issue fixed.

When you do fix elective hernias
such as inguinal hernias or smaller,

abdominal wall hernias,
you usually will use a piece of mesh.

And mesh has been shown to decrease
the incidence of a recurrent hernia.

It's an outpatient surgery.

The surgery itself doesn't take very long,
say, about an hour or so

and you do go home the same day.

Activity levels are pretty much back to
normal fairly quickly except for no heavy

lifting for about four to six weeks.

But we encourage patients to get home,
to do this as an outpatient,

to go up and down steps,
to bathe, to shower,

to get back to some sort of normal diet.

And generally, people
tolerate it very well.

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"I’m just so appreciative for the life that I have and realize how many blessings I have and to not take any of it for granted."

Maddie Campbell had a hole in her heart and didn’t know it

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