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NicView Keeps Parents Connected to Their Babies at Baptist Health Corbin’s NICU

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- [Dr. Debnath] There is a common misconception that
NICU is only for premature baby.

Even though that is one of the biggest indications
for a NICU admission, it is not the only indication.

Anytime we feel that a baby needs intensive care
monitoring, which means continuous monitoring of the

baby's vitals, IV fluids, medications, antibiotics,
etc., we feel the baby needs to be in the NICU.

It's a very overwhelming situation for the parents to
have the baby separated and stay in a NICU, covered

in leads and all sorts of equipments around, it can get
very emotional, so we try to have them connected to the

parents as much as we can.

- [Keisha] We actually have a newer system
that is called NICVIEW.

NICVIEW is...it's the same concept as FaceTime,
to where the parents can see live video stream

of their babies.

The parents think this is just a big blessing
just as much as we do.

We feel very fortunate to have this system,
to be able to offer it to our families, and to be able

to feel like that you're at
bedside whenever you can't be.

- In the Eastern Kentucky region,
we are one of the very few NICU.

We felt very blessed to have expecting mothers feel
that, you know, they have some support to keep their

babies close to their home who needs intensive care.

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Treating Hepatitis C

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- [Sara] Hepatitis C is spread when blood
from a person who is infected with the

Hepatitis C virus enters the body of
someone who is not infected.

Most of the time, this is through drug use
when someone shares a needle.

It's also spread through unsterilized
tattoos, from mother to child

during birth, and also rarely through
sexual contact with an infected person.

The complications of Hepatitis C are the
long-term inflammation on your liver can

eventually lead to scarring or cirrhosis
in the liver. Cirrhosis can also increase

your risk of getting hepatocellular
carcinoma or liver cancer.

So it's very important that we treat
Hepatitis C when we know that it's there

because it will eventually cause problems
in the body. The good news is Hepatitis C

can be cured and that's really what we are
doing here and what we're happy to help

people with.

- [Josh] Recently over the past five
years, there's been a lot of advancements.

Newer medications have come out.
They're now oral, typically taken

between 8 to 16 weeks.
They have a lot fewer side effects

than the traditional,
older mediations so they're

better tolerated, and they also have a
cure rate of around 95% to 100%.

Because we have many patients in our
community that have Hepatitis C,

Baptist Health Corbin having a Hepatitis C
clinic, you know, we are able to treat our

patients locally and patients that
otherwise would not get treatment are able

to get treatment.

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Causes and Treatment of Hepatitis C in Richmond, KY

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Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by a virus that
infects the liver.

Hepatitis C is transmitted by mostly
AVI drug use, unsterilized tattoos,

from mother to child during birth,
and also sexual contact.

If you're born between the years of 1945 and 1965,
you're at risk for hepatitis C just because it wasn't

as well known during those years.

Over time, hepatitis C causes
inflammation in the liver.

That inflammation can lead to scarring called cirrhosis
and eventually cirrhosis can even lead

to hepatocellular carcinoma which is liver cancer.

So hepatitis C is treated with an oral tablet,
a pill that you take by mouth,

and usually the treatment is from 2 to 3 months.

At Baptist Health Richmond,
we have a dedicated hepatitis C clinic so that we can

keep everyone together in the same area and have it
more of a streamlined treatment center so that you can

get things taken care of and it can be organized to the
point where you get your blood work on time,

you get your medications refilled,
all within one visit.

It makes it more convenient for the patient overall.

I see people coming in and I can see them from the
first visit being worried and concerned and feeling

down and out from it to the last visit when I get to
tell them that their hepatitis C is cured.

So that's a really exciting moment for them
and it helps them in the future.

It helps them put the old life
behind them and move on to better things.

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