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Floyd Back Pain Treatment

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♪ - [Dr. Bickers]

The HFX IQ implant is a new device that we have from one of our vendors which helps to treat chronic low back pain. There are actually quite a few patients that will benefit from this device. These patients are going to be ones that have had back surgery in the past. These patients are oftentimes difficult to treat as they've already had surgery and unfortunately still develop pain.

- [Trina]

I've had injections, epidurals, nerve injections, and then I had surgeries, still having problems. And so I was referred to Dr. Bickers to find out why I'm constantly having lower back pain.

- So the implant is approximately the size of a pacemaker. It uses electrodes that we put inside the epidural space, and then we put them at specific levels to target specific nerves or nerve roots. One of the great things about this device is that it allows the patients to continually adjust based upon survey questions that are asked through a smartphone-type interface, and then knowing the type of pain that the patient has is able to adjust the therapy. It is able to make sure that the patient is being treated as a whole patient.

- The improvement, overall improvement of the pain has just been incredible. I'm off medication. I occasionally take an ibuprofen, but no pain medication. I was on hydrocodone and I no longer need it.

It really has made a difference in my life.
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Lexington Common Ankle Injuries

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♪ Ankle injuries are among the most common reasons patients seek medical care after a trauma, such as a car accident or a fall. Although many of these injuries are sprains, I continue to see more and more ankle fractures with time. The ankle joint is formed by two bones of the leg and one bone in the foot. These bones are held together by the ligaments of the ankle to form what is called the ankle mortise.

Ankle injuries typically occur due to a common combination of bending and rotational forces placed across the ankle joint at the time of injury. The number of injured structures of the ankle mortise as well as the extent of those injuries determines whether or not the injury is stable or unstable. Most ankle sprains and many ankle fractures are stable injuries that can be treated successfully with non-operative management. Unstable ankle fracture patterns, however, are often best treated with surgery.

Surgery frequently involves the use of orthopedic hardware such as plates and screws. However, the technology is always changing and continues to improve with time. Flexible fixation devices to stabilize the ankle and fibular intramedullary nails are some of the newer implants available and can really offer added benefits for some patients. One of the reasons I became a foot and ankle surgeon is because I enjoy treating ankle injuries.

I would say my goal when treating any patient with an ankle injury is to get them back to doing the things they enjoy. And getting people back to doing the things they enjoy is why I do what I do.

"I’m just so appreciative for the life that I have and realize how many blessings I have and to not take any of it for granted."

Maddie Campbell had a hole in her heart and didn’t know it

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