We Believe in Healthcare for the Whole Person

At Baptist Health, we focus on the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. Our behavioral health services provide care for individuals dealing with mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, and drug and alcohol dependency. With treatment plans tailored to meet each person’s needs, we help our patients understand and manage their conditions.

Mental illness is just that, a form of illness. The phrase typically refers to a wide range of conditions that are most evident in a person’s feelings, thought patterns, and behaviors rather than in physical injury or ailment. Symptoms must be prolonged or severe enough to create issues in daily living, with personal relationships, or result in harm to one’s self or others. Mental illness is treatable through several therapeutic methods, sometimes in combination, that take into account the physical, psychological, social, cultural, and hereditary roots of the disorder.

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Mental health crisis can affect anyone at any time,
and there's no shame or embarrassment in seeking

help for that.

Over the course of the recent pandemic, we
definitely saw an uptick in people seeking resources

for their mental health.

In general, there are some common changes in
behavior and emotional regulation that you might want

to look out for.

Some of those include rapid mood swings or aggressive
behavior where someone was normally not aggressive.

They might even make some suicidal comments.

Sometimes they might play it off as a
joke so that other people might not notice,

but some people might make steps to
even prepare for a future without them in it.

At Baptist Health Richmond,
we aim to provide preventative efforts,

clinical treatment, and recovery support.

Some of the clinical treatment that
we offer includes individual counseling,

psychiatric medication management,
substance abuse treatment, and crisis consultation.

If you or your loved one is experiencing what
you believe to be a mental health crisis,

I recommend that you call 988, which is
the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline or coming

to Baptist Health Richmond emergency department where
we have behavioral health therapists and social workers

available 24/7 to help you with crisis consultations
and to connect you with services immediately.

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