Library Services

The Baptist Health Lexington library provides our hospital and medical staff with access to information for clinical and professional decision making.

The purpose of a medical library is to provide the clinical and professional staff with access to evidence based information services. Services available to medical staff physicians and hospital employees include:

  • lending circulating books
  • providing consumer health information for patients and families
  • answering reference questions
  • photocopying journal articles, microfiche and printing Web pages
  • interlibrary loans
  • assistance with purchasing books and journals
  • Internet training
  • research services

Lending Circulating Books

Baptist Health Lexington staff may borrow a total of five circulating books at one time from the library. We ask that the patron not take our entire selection of a particular topic. Library materials marked "For Reference Only" are only to be used in the library and are not available for checkout.

Individuals not employed by Baptist Health Lexington may borrow up to two circulating items with a deposit of $25. This deposit is returned when the library materials are returned.

Materials may be checked out for a period of one month. Journals may not be checked out of the library. A photocopier is available in the library for making photocopies of journal articles. Baptist Health Lexington staff may copy library items at no charge. All other individuals not employed by Baptist Health Lexington are charged 10 cents per page.

Books or videos may be returned to the library at either the black book drop located in Building E or the book return located under the bulletin board inside the library.

Patrons may renew their library materials by calling the library at 859.260.6297.

Patrons are welcome to use our Online Library Catalog.

The Online Library Catalog is a collection of books and other materials located at Baptist Health Lexington, Corbin, Madisonville and Paducah. Employees and others must come to the library to check out our materials.

Consumer Health

The library has a large selection of materials available on consumer health for our patients, their families, and the public. Books, videos, and pamphlets are available in our first floor library. Call us at 859.260.6297 for more information on resources available locally.

Reference Questions

Contact the library if you need to check facts, confirm a citation, locate a hospital's address, find a phone number or any type of reference question.

Photocopying and Printing

The library has a wide variety of professional journals in print, microfiche and electronic formats.

Please remember that our electronic journals are only available for use on the Baptist Health Lexington campus, or through our electronic resource page called Athens.

The library has a photocopier for the use of its patrons who are copying information from library materials or engaged in hospital business. There is a charge of 10 cents per copy for individuals who are not employed by the hospital or who copy non-Baptist Health Lexington business related materials.

Articles are also available on microfiche and will be produced as time and staff permit. The library charges a small fee for producing microfiche copies for students. The library adheres to the U.S. copyright laws.

Individuals using the Internet terminal for hospital-related business will not be charged a fee. Students and others printing from the Internet in the library will be assessed a fee of 10 cents per page. This service is available from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Interlibrary Loans

When you need an article or book that is not available in the library, we can request the material through our vast network of cooperative libraries. In many cases this service is free. However, larger libraries charge $10 to $15 per article. The library staff will ask you how much you are willing to spend for your documents before they are requested.

Book and Journal Purchasing

The library staff can assist you with purchasing informational materials for your department. Please contact the library at 260-6297 for more information.

Internet Training

Would you like to search the Internet for medical or nursing topics? The library staff can help you! Librarians have taught bibliographic instruction for thousands of years. We can teach you to use the indexes, the online catalog, and the Internet too. Employees may schedule either a 30-minute appointment by calling 859.260.6297.

Research Services for Employees

This is an area of excellence for our hospital. Our medical librarians and technical staff are trained to search a variety of biomedical and consumer databases to give you the most complete, accurate, and detailed computer search available.

These resources are not always available to the public because they are privately owned and password protected. Users who search the Internet may be unaware of these valuable databases. A novice searcher may think he or she has completed an exhaustive search of the literature when, in reality, the best resources lie just out of reach.

The cost for information products escalates every year. Following is a list of charges for database searching:

Type of Database Search Charge
STAT patient care emergency requested by Baptist Health Lexington staff No Charge
Routine patient care requested by Baptist Health Lexington staff No Charge
Baptist Health Lexington business requested by Baptist Health Lexington staff No Charge
Patient, family, or public requesting consumer materials No Charge
Baptist Health Lexington personal information or student search with a 2 search limit and process time of 2 business days No Charge
STAT Baptist Health Lexington personal information or student searches $5 Charge
Search services for the following: Non-Baptist Health Hospitals, Non-Baptist Health Lexington Students, Researchers, and all others. (Patrons should be aware that their school, institution, or local library may provide these services free or at a reduced rate.) $10 Charge

Athens Electronic Databases

The library has a variety of databases and electronic resources that have been purchased for the use of Baptist Health Lexington Medical Staff and employees. This site is known as Athens. This information is located on the Intranet and may be accessed on any of the library computers. Many of these applications are available for employees to use on their home computers. Please contact the Baptist Health Lexington library at 859.260.6297 for more information.

Certification Training Manuals:

The library provides Baptist Health Lexington employees with a variety of training manuals. The following are available: (quantities are limited)


The library also provides BLS instructors with AED kits and BLS cards for Baptist Health Lexington employees only.