Mother and Baby Care

In 2023, Kosair for Kids pledged to donate $5 million to support our Mother & Baby Care services throughout Kentucky and southern Indiana. This investment will provide additional equipment and resources to enhance initiatives that improve the care of newborns and children at Baptist Health.

You deserve a beautiful birth experience. Baptist Health Maternity Care has a passion for helping moms live out the positive labor and delivery experience they imagine. Across eight locations in Kentucky and southern Indiana, each of our facilities offers unique innovations that help the families in our care realize that reality.

One thing stays the same no matter where you find yourself in Baptist Health: Our team is committed to providing a high level of patient-centered care before, during and after your baby is born.

Baptist Health Maternity Care: Why Choose Us?

The Baptist Health team is unified in providing compassionate care. When you and your family choose Baptist Health for maternity care, you benefit from our:

  • Focus on moms and babies: We support your goals and needs at every point — from the moment you first consider becoming a mom until after your baby’s birth. We stay by your side to offer the support and resources you need during this special time. 
  • Trusted care team: Our expert team is dedicated to caring for moms-to-be, new moms, and their babies. Many of the area’s outstanding obstetricians deliver babies at Baptist. Many members of our team have received extra training in obstetrics and newborn care. Our knowledgeable certified lactation consultants and nurses offer breastfeeding guidance at every Baptist location.
  • Care innovations: Baptist hospitals feature unique innovations to make your stay with us more comfortable. For example, our Floyd location is one of the only hospitals in the region to offer nitrous oxide as a pain management option for laboring patients who desire an alternative to an epidural. 
  • Advanced NICU care: If your baby requires special attention after delivery, many of our locations provide on-site neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), where a team of specialists provide care. If a baby needs extra monitoring, we work closely with nearby hospitals to ensure a quick and seamless care transition.
  • Wide-ranging childbirth classes: We offer many educational classes to help moms-to-be and families prepare for their new arrival. In addition to childbirth prep classes, some locations offer advice on how to help siblings, dads and grandparents adjust to a new addition to the family. Learn more about our classes and education.
  • Research-based practices: We follow the science of what’s best for moms and babies. For example, we promote skin-to-skin contact for babies and their families and delay your baby’s first bath for the multiple benefits these practices offer.
  • Small communities, big care: Each of our locations has a special connection to its community. We’ve been here for several decades — and many of our staff have been with us just as long — and we treat every patient like family.

Baptist’s Patient-Centered Maternity Care Focuses on You

Baptist Health genuinely cares about the patient experience, and you’ll feel it. Our patient-centered approach to maternity care means we:

  • Support you in every way: Our nurses are committed to helping moms and babies get off to the best start possible. We support your birth goals, whether that means helping you work through labor naturally or adapting to your changing wishes. Our experienced lactation consultants are always available to assist new moms who wish to breastfeed.
  • Prioritize mom and baby bonding: We practice kangaroo care, which means we support skin-to-skin contact as soon as possible after birth. Because we delay baby’s first bath, moms get more bonding time right after delivery. Often, that means new parents can participate in the precious moments of your baby’s very first bath time.
  • Care about your comfort: Our private rooms accommodate both parents and newborns so babies can stay with their moms as much as possible. Extra face time with baby early on helps you connect and can also aid breastfeeding efforts. Should you need time to rest or recover after giving birth, our caring nurses look after healthy babies in our newborn nurseries.

A Testimonial for Maternity Care

At Baptist Health, we're dedicated to making your pregnancy and delivery a truly joyful experience.