Contracts and Budgets

Finance is an integral part of any research project. Getting the numbers right, and putting necessary legal agreements in place, is one mark of a successful clinical trial. At Baptist Health, we focus on eliminating potential roadblocks in the realms of funding and administrative oversight. Our Research Finance Team turns contracts and budgets into causeways and bridges to improved health. 

Negotiation and Evaluation

Negotiation of clinical trial agreements can be lengthy and complex. Start dates are often delayed, which ultimately means delays in: 

  • Treatment availability
  • Prevention insights
  • Finalized data analysis
  • Diagnoses for patients

The Baptist Health Research Team avoids delays with deep experience in the negotiation process. Our team manages pre- and post-award activities for all investigator-initiated studies through a centralized office. Our system-wide efforts encompass:

  • Extensive review of all contracts
  • Budget negotiations, including evaluation of operational and fiscal feasibility 
  • A standard administrative fee schedule for all sponsors
  • Enhanced compliance through Epic, our EHR system, for all billing reviews.

We study feasibility through several lenses, including composition of the patient population, the internal expertise required to conduct the study, equipment and facility requirements, and resource availability. We also check for a potential fit with the mission and vision of Baptist Health.

Once negotiable budgets are finalized and approved, Baptist Health distributes forms to all involved parties. 

Also reviewed are non-negotiable budget items, such as Institutional Review Board (IRB) fees, start-up and indirect costs, and related charges. The Baptist Health Research Team will assess these items and communicate relevant data and operating requirements to all participating parties.


Once Baptist Health has been selected as a study site, we collect all necessary contractual and budgetary documents from the participating parties (most commonly, the sponsor). Sometimes these are provided as part of the sponsor’s study packet. These must be submitted to us in an editable format. If the research project is being initiated by the investigator, we can supply the necessary documents. The negotiation process begins upon receipt of all contractual and financial agreements. 

To submit your documents, email them to the Finance Team listserv at

The party to these agreements is Baptist Healthcare System Inc. dba (specific site), Investigator (if applicable) and Sponsor.

Contact Us

If you are a research sponsor or investigator with questions about our contracts and budget process, please contact:

Kaylee Gaspard Sommer, MHA

Manager, Research Finance

Baptist Health Kentucky and Southern Indiana

PH: 859.260.4557