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♪ [music]

♪ My son is 17. When he was little, he loved the Ninja Turtles. We wanted to do something together. And actually, at that time, I was 265 pounds, and I lived here, not here.

I guess about five and a half years ago, I started running. Last year, at this time, I was training, and I did an Olympic-distance triathlon. And an hour and a half later, I started feeling that compression here. You know, I was sweating.

My fingers were getting numb, and I said, "I know there is something wrong." So we went to the hospital. They said I had 100% blockage. So they put a stent in and immediately it felt better.

The fixing of that was five seconds. But what happens next is the mental, you know, the confidence. It really started here, you know, at Baptist, having that confidence back. It's that intimate feeling, that humbleness, "we care" mentality.

Having people with that positive attitude that believed in me that I could do it helps you get there faster. In a car, we put on our seatbelt in case we get in an accident, not to avoid an accident. The same thing with our health, we have to work on our health in case we get sick. That's what I felt at Baptist, was that even though, sometimes, the first time you visit the hospitals after you're sick, they want you not to just come back when you're sick.

It's how do you have a healthy lifestyle. I'm very grateful for the time that I had in the rehab center and that I have a continuing relationship with Baptist. I am looking to be healthy so I am there for my wife, so that I'm there with my son. I want to set examples for my son and for my community.

We are here for others, and that goes, not just for a hospital, for everyone. We are here for others. ♪ [music]

How is Baptist Health Louisville involved in our community?

Baptist Health Louisville is very involved in the Kentuckiana community in Jefferson and surrounding counties. It is important to us to give back to the community that supports us and seeks care from us at important times in their lives. We also want to encourage our community to be as healthy as they can be through screenings, educational programs, health fairs and our internal efforts. Many of our strategic partnerships are listed below and are attributed directly to the community needs assessment for Jefferson County.

Community Non-Profit Outreach Initiatives

Baptist Health Louisville raises funds through sponsorships and walk teams in partnership with the following organizations.

  • March of Dimes
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Heart Association
  • Arthritis Foundation
  • Colon Cancer Prevention Project
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • Kentuckiana Stroke Association – Annual stroke walk

Project Fit America

Baptist Health Louisville is a proud sponsor of Project Fit America® (PFA). This program is designed to get elementary and middle school aged children active with exercise and fun. Baptist Health Louisville partners by donating to PFA so that local schools have programs that get students engaged in their own health, active in physical fitness, and develop leadership and character.

Learn more about Project Fit America® by going to their website.

Free Educational Classes

Baptist Health Louisville offers many free classes for health education to the community on the following topics:

  • Maternity Classes
  • Diabetes Education
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Body Wellness
  • Support Groups

See a full list of all classes and programs offered at Baptist Health Louisville

Employee Participation

Baptist Health Louisville supports and encourages employees to participate in volunteer roles throughout the community. We have employees who serve on volunteer boards, including the Kentuckiana Stroke Association board, participate in awareness walks each year and are involved with multiple Chambers of Commerce.

Charities Supported by Baptist Health Louisville

Contributing to charities both local and nationally is very important to us at Baptist Health Louisville. Our top five charities contributed to are:

  • Crusade for Children
  • Fund for the Arts
  • Metro United Way
  • Baptist Health Louisville Foundation
  • Employee Caring Campaign