Educational Classes at Lexington

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- [Cynthia]

The year before this program started, I had a really rough year and so I knew something needed to change. I wasn't looking for the program, the program found me. And I think it's important that this program find other people.

- [Dr. Adkins]

The diabetes prevention program is a program that is overseen by the Center for Disease Control and we also have our certification through the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Basically, it's a curriculum that's been developed. It's science-based that is a 12-month long program to prevent people from developing type 2 diabetes that have prediabetes. Cynthia is a very nice woman.

She is a mother. And when she came to the program, she was determined. She was determined that she was going to lose her way. She was going to reverse those numbers because for one, a very strong motivation and she voiced it was that she needed to stay healthy to raise those children.

- The first thing we learned about, they educated us about what is diabetes, what causes diabetes, what makes us prediabetic, and how can we prevent being diabetic,. One of the things that stuck out for me was how what is the actual portion size of a pancake? It's the size of a CD. So, so now I have that visualization.

We learned about exercise. They had us exercise in class. At times, we would exercise for 10 minutes so that we would demonstrate exercise.

- The goals that the Center for Disease Control defines for the program because it is what is proven scientifically to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes is that they lose 7% of the weight that they had at the beginning of the program and that they attain a minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity a week.

- If the Dietitian at Baptist Health had not called me and told me about the program, I don't think I would've ever started exercising or eating correctly or watching my portion size. So, I'm thankful that they called and told me about it because without it I wouldn't be where I am today.

- She stuck with it. She showed up every week and she was very successful. As a matter of fact, she was our highest loser in this class. And this program proves that it's choices, it's the choices you make and that you do have a say.

I can either take the road that goes to the right and have type 2 diabetes or I can do these things and change my life and not have diabetes.

- [Karen]

My hope for the future for the diabetes program is that we will soon one day see no need for a diabetes education program. I would like to see the health status in our community get to the point where we all can focus on the things that are wellness opportunities, encourage people to do more physical fitness opportunities, realize the dream that people can eat healthy and have good access to fresh food and fruits and so that we're really taking care of them as an outpatient basis and a wellness activity and not in an acute activity in the hospital.

- I'm thankful for Baptist Health for showing me how to be a healthy person. I feel good. ♪ [music]

How is Baptist Health Lexington involved in our community?

In 2017, Baptist Health Lexington participated in over 50 population health initiatives at the local, regional and state level. These initiatives exemplified our support to the community regarding improvements in the provision of health education, appropriate screenings, referrals and coordination of care as interventions, improving related health outcomes.

Cancer Education & Community Outreach Initiatives

Our Relay for Life event, one of our largest community participation events, is a 24-hour event that honors cancer survivors and remembers those who lost their fight to cancer. People who participate in the event walk or run for 24 hours in order to raise awareness and funds for the cause. Baptist Health Lexington hands out educational information at the race and provides interactive games and food during the event to help fundraising efforts. Prior to the event, Baptist Health Lexington also fundraises to raise money to donate to the American Cancer Society.

Cancer Education & Community Outreach Initiatives include:

  • Being Mortal – Advance Directive
  • American Cancer Society Look Good Feel Better
  • Care Giver Coffee Support Group
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – Light the Night
  • Breast Cancer Awareness month
  • Race for the Cure
  • Sk Kicking Butt
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness
  • Free To Breathe Run/Walk Sponsor for Lung Cancer Awareness
  • Shine a Light on Lung Cancer program for patients and families
  • Hope Lodge quarterly meals provided through the cancer employee staff/physicians
  • Empowerment Series women’s cancer support group

Diabetes Education & Community Outreach Initiatives

Our Diabetes and Nutrition Education departments engage in community outreach activities such as speaking engagements and health fairs at local businesses, community centers, schools and universities. Staff members also participate as volunteers in organizations such as the American Diabetes Association (local, state and national committees), county coalitions, state-wide coalitions, and professional organizations such as the American Association of Diabetes Educators (local and national committees), and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (local and national committees).

Underserved populations served in FY17 include participants at a local downtown community center, however in addition, individuals who have reached out to the department in need have been supported with free educational materials and assistance in access to health care needs.

Leadership positions held this past year include Board Member of local American Diabetes Association chapter, Program committee member for Kentucky Association of Diabetes Educator, Diabetes Prevention Workgroup member for Kentucky Diabetes Network, focusing on education and awareness, and national Spokesperson for the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Due to the success of the Diabetes Prevention Program, the department has been featured in local and national media opportunities.

Diabetes Education & Community Outreach Initiatives include:

  • Alzheimer’s Association – Late Stage nutrition challenges at Public Library
  • American Diabetes Association Wine Down Event, fundraising and awareness event
  • Woodford Co. Quarterly Program, community diabetes education program
  • Walmart Wellness Day, community health fair
  • American Diabetes Association Charity Walk, fundraising and awareness event
  • Horsey Hundred Bike Event, Nutrition for athletes booth and talk
  • Pedal for Purpose Bike Event, Nutrition for athletes
  • Kentucky American Diabetes Education Spring Symposium, volunteer program staff
  • Heart Health Lunch & Learn, nutrition talk
  • Dementia Caretaker Talk, nutrition talk
  • UPS Wellness Day, health fair
  • Southern Middle School Career Fair, presentation to youth on nutrition careers
  • Central Bank, Healthy Holiday Nutrition Tips for employees
  • Super Saturday, William- Wells Brown Community Center, information on diabetes nutrition
  • National Healthy Lunch Day, information booth for employees/public
  • Diabetes Symposium – Corbin, speaker for professional education
  • Speaker for the University of Kentucky College of Nursing Diabetes symposium for professionals
  • American Diabetes Association Kiss a Pig Gala, fundraising and awareness event
  • Woodford County Diabetes Class, community diabetes education program
  • University of Kentucky Senior Nutrition Therapy Class, nutrition student presentation
  • Preceptor/mentor for undergraduate dietetic students, University of Kentucky
  • Fayette Co Diabetes Coalition member
  • Kentucky Diabetes Network member
  • Local and National American Diabetes Association member
  • Board of Director member, Ky Chapter, American Diabetes Association member
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, consultant/writer
  • American Association of Diabetes Educator national spokesperson
  • Diabetes Spectrum professional journal, appointed reviewer of peer reviewed article
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation volunteer

Some of those initiatives include fund raising to support research conducted by sponsoring agencies. A total of 10,477 members of the community were documented as attendants for various events throughout the year. Mended Hearts is a program we sponsor as part of Central Kentucky. A donated of $3,575.000 to support the cost of “pillows” that are given to our open heart surgery patients. Mended Hearts volunteers visit our patients preoperatively to provide support as well as a pillow.

Baptist Health Lexington supported nursing employees at all levels who participated in volunteer roles. Volunteering clinical nurse staff were supported through provision of regular hourly wages and sustainment or advancement on the Baptist Health Lexington Professional Practice Model (PNPM; Clinical Ladder). The PNPM demonstrates facility support by achieving desired levels on the model, obtaining recognition for volunteering in the various approved initiatives and receiving additional hourly wages. Volunteering nurse directors (Directors of Nursing, Executive Directors and Administrative Directors) were allocated compensation time for their active participation. The following nursing directors were supported by Baptist Health Lexington through compensation to lead and/or assist with the planning, implementation and/or evaluation of these population health initiatives:

  • Greg Bodager, MSN, RN, OCN, Executive Director of Cancer Program
    • Shine a Light (Lung Cancer Alliance), November 16, 2017 (3 hours)
  • Kim Wilder, MSN, RN, ONC, Executive Director Orthopedic Services
    • Annual Arthritis Walk 2016, April 29, 2017 (24 hours)
  • Monica Stahl, BSN, RN, Director of 5E/5F and Dialysis
    • Annual Stroke Screening Event, May 19, 2017 (4 hours)
    • Annual Arthritis Walk 2017, April 29, 2017 (4 hours)
  • Holly Nieves, DNP, RN, Director of NICU
    • Expecting Great Things Maternity Event, March 25, 2017 (4 hours)
  • Patrick Lipps, BSN, RN, Director of 2B North ICU
    • Annual Stroke Screening Event, May 19, 2017 (7.5 hours)
  • Tyra Moore, MSN, MBA, RN, Director of Mother/Baby
    • Expecting Great Things Maternity Event, March 25, 2017 (4 hours)
  • Charity Arthur, BSN, RN, Professional Development Specialist
    • Annual Stroke Screening Event, May 19, 2017 (4 hours)