Urgent Care

Baptist Health Urgent Care Centers in Kentucky & Indiana

Baptist Health Urgent Care clinics are located in selected locations throughout Kentucky and Indiana. When seeing your doctor isn't possible, drop in to a Baptist Health Urgent Care without an appointment, even weekends and evenings.  Our walk-in clinics can save you time and cost considerably less than an emergency room (ER) visit.

Baptist Health urgent care clinics offer:

  • Extended Weekend and Weekday Hours
  • Walk-ins Welcome
  • Most Insurance Accepted
  • Fast & Convenient
  • No Appointment Necessary

Common Conditions Treated:
Urgent Care
Sore Throat & Sinus Infection
Allergic Conditions
Minor Burns
Upset Stomach
X-Rays Available
Broken Bones
Lacerations/Cuts/Wound Repair


Understanding the Difference Between Urgent Care and Emergency Care

Why Choose Urgent Care?

Many health conditions need to be taken care of right away but aren't emergencies. With no appointment necessary, Baptist Health Urgent Care can be a great option when you're in need of immediate care and convenient medical services. Our urgent care centers are staffed physicians and provide a full range of medical services for people of all ages.

There are several reasons an urgent care center is preferred to visiting the emergency room. Reasons include:

  • Less wait time (for 90% of patients, the average wait time to be seen by a provider is 30 minutes or less)
  • Lower time investment (84% of urgent care patients are in and out within an hour)
  • Lower cost (the average cost of an emergency room visit is $1,200)
  • Most urgent care centers take insurance
  • Accessibility (urgent care facilities are conveniently located in multiple areas and cities)
  • Urgent care centers tend to have more hours of availability than some primary care providers
  • Walk-ins are welcome, although scheduling an appointment may mean even less wait time
  • Urgent care facilities tend to have spacious waiting rooms, and may not be as crowded as some emergency room waiting areas
  • It provides an alternative for services when there is limited access to or confidence in a current primary care provider
  • Some non-emergency issues still require more immediate medical attention, and urgent care facilities meet those purposes

Why Choose Emergency Care?

The Emergency Room may be a good option if you are experiencing:

  • Any life-threatening or disabling condition
  • Severe shortness of breath
  • Chest pain; numbness in the face, arm, or leg; difficulty speaking
  • Cut or wound that won't stop bleeding
  • High fever with stiff neck, mental confusion or difficulty breathing
  • Unexplained or sudden loss of consciousness
  • Obvious broken bones
  • Coughing or vomiting blood
  • Major injuries
  • Severe abdominal pain

If you believe you have a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1. 

Hybrid Emergency and Urgent Care So You Don't Have to Decide

Baptist Health ER & Urgent Care is the only walk-in clinic in Kentuckiana that offers both urgent and emergency-room care under one roof. You’ll be seen by a board-certified physician who will determine whether you need emergency or urgent care. We are fully equipped and properly staffed to handle every major medical concern including:

  • allergic reactions
  • severe chest pain
  • broken bones
  • strokes

These hybrid locations also house:

  • exam rooms
  • diagnostic equipment
  • imaging machines
  • lab facilities
  • an emergency room with all the latest in life-saving medical technology

You’ll receive the most appropriate treatment for your condition without the higher cost of emergency services when they aren’t called for.


Urgent Care Video Visit

Urgent Care Video Visits offer a quick and convenient way to be seen by a provider. The virtual visits are available for patients 1 and older and you don't need an appointment to be seen. Urgent care video visits are available 24/7 from the comfort of your own home or wherever you have access to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Getting set up for virtual visits is a free and easy process. Additionally, all services are provided through MyChart, a secure telehealth platform, which maintains patient privacy and confidentiality. Insurance will be billed for urgent care video visits, and patients are responsible for any co-pay or remaining balance that is not covered by insurance. Urgent care video visit co-pays typically cost less than an in-person visit.

Urgent care video visits are available at Baptist Health. Visits last on average about 15 minutes, usually with short wait times. Patients are billed after each session and are responsible for any copay or any remaining balance that insurance does not cover. Virtual visits provide access to:

  • Private and secure visits with a healthcare provider 
  • No appointment necessary, from any location you have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Medical treatment for common and non-emergency conditions

Urgent Care FAQ's

Q. Does urgent care take walk-ins?

A. Urgent care takes walk-ins but letting us know you are On Your Way may mean a shorter wait time.

Q. Is it cheaper to go to urgent care or the emergency room?

A. Urgent care is more affordable than a visit to the emergency room (the average cost of an emergency room visit is $1,200).

Q. How long is the wait at urgent care?

A. Typically, the average wait time to be seen by a provider is 30 minutes or less.