Our Commitments at Baptist Health

To Patients

  • We believe our patients' needs and expectations are our highest priority.
  • We believe in recognizing and respecting familial, social, emotional and spiritual needs and values of our patients and their families.
  • We believe in supporting the individual's and family's right to confidentiality and informed decisions.

To Employees

  • We believe all employees deserve a safe work environment that fosters interdependence, teamwork, innovation, initiative and opportunities for growth through personal and professional support, training and development.
  • We believe in a climate of mutual trust and respect promoted through processes of fair evaluation, equitable compensation, ongoing support and consistent recognition of behavior, which enhances our core values.
  • We believe in celebrating the diversity of an employee’s gifts and talents, and actively support each employee's unique ability to contribute toward quality patient care.
  • We believe in fostering an environment that allows all employees to serve patients with a compassionate attitude and caring spirit.
  • We believe all employees are entitled to a clear understanding of their roles and are provided the information necessary for decision making and planning.
  • We believe in a “Just Culture” where employees are encouraged to express concerns, “good catches” are celebrated and potential errors can be admitted and discussed without fear.

To Physicians & Other Providers

  • We believe in providing a shared environment of collegiality and teamwork with our provider community.
  • We believe appropriate partnerships with our physicians and other providers are essential to our future.
  • We believe that input from our physicians and other providers into policy and operational issues should be encouraged.
  • We believe in providing a quality workplace for our physicians and providers — both physically, technologically and clinically — so to enhance patient care.

To Safety & Promoting a Just Culture

Baptist Health supports and promotes a Just Culture that recognizes systems need to be properly designed to ensure safe practices and individuals need to be held properly accountable without fear of being blamed for errors that occur through no fault of their own. To that end, we ask both our employees and leaders to make a personal commitment to supporting a Culture of Safety and supporting Baptist’s Just Culture.

As an Employee, I personally commit to:

  • Eliminate harm
  • Report safety concerns
  • Manage safety risks
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Encourage colleagues to report safety concerns confidentially
  • Comply with safety policies and practices

As a Leader, and in further support of our Culture of Safety, I also commit to:

  • Encourage employees to report safety concerns confidentially and without fear of reprisal and to promote our Just Culture.
  • Provide management guidance for setting and reviewing safety objectives, as well as reviewing our safety policies and practices regularly to ensure relevance.
  • Provide visible, consistent support of our safety policies and practices from all levels of management.

To the Community

  • We believe it is our responsibility to provide reasonable accessible healthcare.
  • We believe it is our duty to be financially responsible in the structure and delivery of our healthcare services.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to improve the general health and wellness of our community through a continuum of care, effective community education and continuous quality improvement of our services.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to provide care to all who are in need, without regard to ability to pay, yet within reasonable bounds of responsible stewardship.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen by conducting business in a manner that is in the mutual best interest of our facilities and the communities they serve.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to foster an environment that encourages volunteers from the community to contribute diversity of talents to enhance our services.

To Stewardship

  • We believe the essence of stewardship is accomplished through prudent decisions and actions which result in a system that is stronger and better positioned for future generations.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to manage effectively all of our resources (human, capital, material, time and others) to their maximum efficiency.
  • We care deeply about our system and are committed to its long-term viability.
  • We believe in creating our future through openness to new concepts and ideas that can enhance our status as a leading provider of quality healthcare within prudent financial boundaries.

To Corporate Responsibility

Baptist Health has always been committed to the highest standards of business conduct and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This includes complying with the Federal False Claims Act and Kentucky laws and regulations prohibiting the filing of false claims. It is every employee’s responsibility to report to his or her supervisor, director, Human Resources or compliance officer knowledge or suspicion of any matter that does not support the Standards of Corporate Responsibility Conduct noted below:

  • The business of Baptist Health will be conducted according to all applicable federal, state and local laws.
  • All individuals working within Baptist Health will perform their jobs in light of our Mission, Vision and Values and with honesty, integrity and professionalism.
  • All individuals working within Baptist Health should perform their jobs in ways that avoid actual or even the appearance of potential conflicts of interest and includes our employees, contractors, volunteers, and medical staff within Baptist.
  • All billing by Baptist Health will be for services actually performed and items actually provided and in keeping with applicable rules of government and other payers.
  • When working with practitioners, contractors and other healthcare organizations, all Baptist Health employees will conduct themselves in keeping with applicable laws, in particular, those laws that prohibit fraud and abuse, waste, restraint of trade and improper benefits.
  • All Baptist Health employees will strive to maintain a cooperative relationship of mutual trust with all government and accrediting agencies.
  • Baptist Health will vigorously pursue its Corporate Responsibility Program to achieve all Compliance Objectives and develop a culture of compliance throughout the System.
  • Licensed and other professional employees working at Baptist Health are expected to adhere to any ethical standards required and guidelines recommended by their licensing agencies and/or professional associations.
  • All employees are expected to abide by guidelines set forth in the Baptist Health Corporate Responsibility Program.

Concerns can be reported to Corporate Compliance 24 hours a day via a confidential hotline (1.800.783.2318) or by calling your local compliance officer or submitting a concern online. More information is available on the Baptist Health Corporate Compliance home page.