Telehealth Home Services

Baptist Health Home Care's telehealth program lets you stay in your own home, while knowing medical professionals are at hand to help manage your condition.

Home Telehealth is a telemonitoring program that will guide you through a daily check-up, and recording your own vital signs and symptoms. That information will be transmitted to a central monitoring system which alerts a home health care nurse of any abnormalities.

If any abnormalities are detected, the nurse will contact you and teach you how to correct the issue. For example, the nurse might advise you to cut back on salt to avoid unwelcome water retention and weight gain.

Getting Started

You must have a physician referral to enroll in the telehealth program. Contact your local Baptist Health Home Care office for more information.

More Information

  • Telehealth brochure for Baptist Health Home Care patients.
  • Telehealth brochure for physicians, referring a patient to Baptist Health Home Care.

Home telehealth  is available in: