Pulmonary Home Care for COPD Patients

What Is Home Care for COPD Patients? 

One of the most effective ways of treating individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is through home care. COPD is a group of inflammatory lung diseases, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema, that have their cause in long-term exposure to cigarette smoke and other environmental irritants. COPD is a progressive condition without a cure. Individuals suffering from COPD have a greater risk of lung cancer and heart disease than those without, but it is possible to control symptoms and preserve quality of life, with proper medical education and treatment. 

Pulmonary home care is the chief alternative to expensive and repetitive inpatient hospital admissions. The home-care professionals at Baptist Health can make a positive difference in the life of any family dealing with this potentially debilitating condition. 

What Are Pulmonary Home Care Services?

Pulmonary home care is a team sport. Treatment is provided by a group of healthcare professionals under the direction of a physician who specializes in pulmonary diseases. He or she will create a treatment plan for managing a patient’s COPD symptoms, with the assistance of visiting care providers. Pulmonary home care services include:

  • Nursing care
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as required
  • Education about medications, breathing exercises, and other self-care topics
  • Insight on recognizing and managing flare-ups
  • Medical equipment, including nebulizers and inhalers
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Education for at-home caregivers providing frontline support for a loved one 

What Are the Goals of Pulmonary Home Care for COPD Patients?

Pulmonary home care for COPD patients has the following goals:

  • Improve the patient’s ability to manage his or her own care
  • Maintain quality of life by slowing COPD’s advance
  • Strengthen the patient’s resolve to retain his or her independence
  • Reinforce a positive attitude with regard to managing the disease
  • Avoid unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Make the home environment as healthy and safe as possible under the circumstances

Learn More About Pulmonary Home Care from Baptist Health

There is no cure for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder but a patient’s symptoms can be managed effectively and quality of life maintained. If you or a loved one is dealing with COPD, come to Baptist Health.