Assisted Bathing

What is Assisted Bathing?

Assisted bathing is providing help for someone when they take a shower, bath, or sponge bath. It’s offered as an at-home care service. As part of our commitment to patients’ continued safety and well-being, Baptist Health provides assisted bathing. 

Bath Help for Elderly

Assisted bathing is beneficial to both the patient and to family members who are caregivers. The patient can maintain their health and safety with dignity, and the family caregivers are provided respite from some of their more challenging duties. What’s more, this help for seniors can help the patient work on their independence with professional guidance.

Preventing Injuries with Safe Bathing

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize they need assisted bathing until after an injury. Yet, reducing the risk of falling in the shower is one of the biggest benefits of assisted bathing. Use this Home Care service as preventive care—and take advantage of it before an accident occurs to keep yourself, or someone you care about, safe and healthy.

Benefits of Assisted Bathing

Assisted bathing does more than provide good hygiene for better health. It also provides a sense of security for both the patient and family, knowing that a once difficult task is now made easier with the help of caring professionals. Other benefits of assisted bathing include:

  • Reduced risk of bathroom falls
  • Increased sense of independence for the patient
  • Consistent schedule for more regular bathing
  • Peace of mind for the family