Stephanie's Cardiology Story

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- [Stephanie] I remember sitting up in bed
and just grabbing him at 2 in the morning

and saying I can't breathe,
I can't breathe, and he took my pulse

and he could tell, you know,
that my rhythm was off.

And he really encouraged me
to call 911 and I didn't.

If I had something like that again,
I would go to the emergency room.

I would call 911.

I was being stubborn.

I would encourage anybody
don't ever ignore your symptoms.

- [Matt] Lots of people have mitral valve
prolapse and they live with it

their whole life.

And she really had had no issues leading
up to, you know, that one episode that

started this whole journey.

And so it really kind of came out of
left field on honestly.

- He sprung into action and got me in
to see Dr. Manchi.

- Stephanie was born with
a mitral valve prolapse.

Normally the valves close in a straight
plane but her condition,

the valve was bulging
into the upper chamber.

We see different variations in the mitral
valve prolapse itself.

Her case was a little
more severe or serious case.

- He put a halter monitor on me.

Dr. Manchi called me up on the phone and
he said, "What are you doing right now?"

And I said I'm getting ready to go to
class, and he said, "No, you're not."

And he said, "You're in a 12-count of
V-tach right now.

How are you not on the floor?"

And I just remembered how
impactful that statement was.

And I guess my body had just been
compensating for so long,

but it wouldn't do that forever.

He said, "I need you to come to the
hospital, and, you know,

we're going to run some tests."

At that point, he had pinpointed that what
he thought all along that it was truly

my valve was failing.

He told us that he wanted to schedule my
surgery with Dr. Sebastian Pagni.

- She had a mitral
valve with bileaflet prolapse.

And the mitral valve has two leaflets,
and both of them were widely open.

And she had some fibrosis and scarring,
suggesting that maybe she had some

infection in the past.

We were not sure, and we tried to fix it
but it was too much of a try.

Eventually, we replaced the valve
because it wasn't going to work.

There was a residual leak,
and, you know, it's not good to

leave that in a patient.

So we replaced her valve
and she did very well.

- [Alex] Honestly, it was like she
couldn't even carry a gallon of milk.

- [Griffin] You take things for granted,
you know, and not everything is

as bulletproof as it seems.

♪ [music] ♪

- We like to go to the Line and exercise,
and we do like to go to our concerts.

And she's herself again, which is great.

- We have multidisciplinary conferences
and meetings every week,

and I think usually that results in a
better outcome at least in an agreement

of what should be done or not.

- Baptist Health provides a very
comprehensive care, and the cardiology

care is complete here.

- Every aspect of my care from start to
finish was amazing.

I felt well-cared for.

I felt like I was the number one person in
the room from the time I left the hospital

to my appointments.

I mean everyone truly,
genuinely cared about my well-being.

Coming to Baptist Health Floyd
was life-saving.

- What gets my blood pumping?


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