Bill's (Hardin) Cardiology Story

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♪ [music] ♪

- [Bill] Well, I was a basket case.

I was 300 plus, smoked.

I used to feel miserable,
half sick, you know, all the time.

Dr. Mehta and I met each other at the behest of
another doctor that was treating me for pneumonia,

and I needed a heart doctor.

Dr. Mehta was that doctor.

- [Dr. Mehta] He was very special in the sense that
he had a blockage that had been taken care of multiple

times in another institution.

And when he came to me, he was so down on himself,
that why was it happening again and again.

And I tried to explain to him what are the consequences
and what are the things that have led to it.

And he stopped smoking,
he readily accepted bypass surgery,

where anybody else would have said, "Try
the angioplasty again," and he did so good.

- All the doctors that I had seen and the years
and the age that I am, it seems like I would know

what to do, right?

Well, all that wasn't working, until Dr. Mehta.

- Everybody needs to be treated differently.

If one technique doesn't work, try another way.

Ask them what do they want to do.

"Do you think you should be doing it?

Do you think you should be stopping smoking?

If so, what will help you?"

Different ways of asking will bring out the emotions
in the person, and they'll be able to explain to you

why they're not able to do what they want to do.

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- Tyson...Ty's father worked it out to
where they could take me in a wheelchair

to the room, actual room,
you know, and handed him to me.

♪ [music] ♪

I want to see him go to school.

- And my philosophy is we're
all taking care of the whole patient.

And I believe in preventive care.

Diet, and exercise is emphasized a lot in my practice.

- Well, I had to have a plan.

I put it on a spreadsheet to say where did I want
to be, and when, and then put two lines on there,

and it speaks to you.

♪ [music] ♪

I asked Dr. Mehta if he could give me
the heart cath through my wrist, and he did,

and I think I was the first one.

And it was successful, they did it, there's no problem.

That's one thing I like about Baptist Health
and Dr. Mehta is a formula to keep you healthy

because they sure have kept me healthy now.

♪ [music] ♪

I used to have about three hours a day
of activity, of something, three hours.

The rest of the time, I was on a sleep app with oxygen.

Now, I've got 13 hours.

I'm not on oxygen.

The Barn is where I do something.

I kind of like a challenge, you know.

Can you fix it?

Yeah, I can.

Bring it here.

I like to see somebody good at their job, right?

He's got it going on.

- Oh, my team is awesome.

We believe in doing the best we can,
not just say it but truly incorporate it

into our day-to-day practice so patients can
get the best possible care that they can get.

- Dr. Mehta was my doctor, and thank God he was,
because I'm a firm believer that I wouldn't be alive

if it wasn't for Dr. Mehta.

If a conversation came up with anybody with me that's
slow pulling, said they're looking for a heart doctor.

I'll say, "Well, let me tell you about this guy."

If they ever came to me, I would plead them.

"I'll take you over there.

I'll show you where it is."

Tell you what, life doesn't get much
better than this right here, does it?

♪ [music] ♪

"Life doesn't get much better than this right here, does it?"

A few years ago, Bill Vessels was down on himself. He was overweight, had heart and lung
problems, and his health had declined so much that he had retired early. “I was a basket case.
I was 300+, smoked, and used to feel miserable,” he said. But, inspired by the birth of his
great-grandson and a doctor who wouldn’t give up on him, he turned his health — and his life
— around. “I used to have about three hours of day of activity. The rest of the time I was on
a CPAP with oxygen. Now I’ve got 13 hours.”

When it comes to keeping your heart healthy, prevention is the best medicine. Together, we can protect your long-term health.