Get a Second Opinion

The diagnosis of a heart condition and the initial offer of a surgical procedure can create apprehension and confusion. Frequently patients hesitate about rushing into a procedure offered in the initial consultation and they want to understand better the indication and need for the operation offered and the different options available. Oftentimes, patients are not feeling confident about the doctor’s bedside manner expertise, outcomes, level of care at the hospital or simply, the indication for surgery.

Call for a Consultation

second opinion on your heart condition can help to relieve anxiety and apprehension, better understand the medical problem and the different options available. Misconceptions about second opinions frequently are: insurance coverage, different local network visitation options and/or the concerns about the surgeon being offended or questioned. None of those concerns are valid and patients have the right to seek other opinions if not comfortable.

Most common conditions seeking second opinions are:

  • Mitral valve operations
  • Complex aortic procedures and aneurysms
  • Reoperations

Reasons to obtain 2nd opinions with our Baptist Cardiac Surgeons are:

  • Vast experience in mitral valve surgery and repairs
  • Large volume of complex heart valve surgeries
  • Largest thoracic aortic surgery program in the area
  • Expertise in all forms of coronary revascularization
  • Less invasive cardiac operations
  • Best outcomes in the region with 4 out 5 categories (CABG, CABG-AVR, MVRR and MVRR-CABG) with 3 stars ranked by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Fewer than 8% of programs in the country have more than 2 categories ranked 3 stars.
  • Baptist Health Louisville has been rated Best Hospital in the Louisville area and top 3 in the region by the US News & World report for the last 10 years.

To obtain a second opinion consultation, please call 502.899.3858 option 3 and our team will direct you to our specialist. You will be asked to fill in a simple questionnaire and provide study reports. Promptly, an office visit, virtual visit or preliminary phone call will be arranged to your convenience. A same day preliminary phone visit or virtual visit is available.