TytoClinics are a new option for same-day urgent care in a medical office allowing for high-quality telehealth close to home. A TytoClinic is an in-office TytoCare device, with an iPad, that connects you to a Virtual Urgent Care provider for remote physical exams. The TytoCare device measures heart rate and hears heart sounds, listens to breathing or coughing, looks in the ear canal and eardrum, views the throat, listens to abdominal sounds, check your temperature and more. 

TytoClinics in schools have been set up at:

  • Paducah School Clinics
  • 4 Oldham County Schools

TytoClinics in medical clinics and offices have been set up at:

TytoClinics are available for use in-office whenever the school, clinic or practice is open. A TytoClinic visit usually costs the same as an in-person primary care visit.

woman using tytoclinic for ear exam
Make your next visit a TytoClinic visit.