Video Visits Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduled Video Visits FAQs

Can patients schedule themselves for video visits?

Not at this time. Currently, video visits are scheduled by the provider office. If you're interested in scheduling a video visit, please contact your provider via MyChart or call your provider's office.

What is a scheduled appointment video visit?

Scheduled appointment video visits are an easy way to see a provider for consultation and treatment with your primary care provider or specialist.

What is the cost of a scheduled appointment video visit?

The cost of a video visit is the same cost as an in-person visit with your provider. Your insurance will be billed for this visit and collect a co-pay per your insurance. Any portion not covered by your insurance plan will be billed and collected after the visit.

How do I access care?

Baptist Health scheduled video visits can be accessed through MyChart. Login to MyChart to start your video visit or set up a MyChart account. Your video visit will begin through MyChart. If you are on a desktop, it will open a new browser. If you are on a mobile device, please download the Baptist Health MyHealth app before your video visit begins.

What video software do I need for a video visit?

MyChart will open a new browser when you launch your video visit, through a secure portal. No other video software is needed.

What if my visit is on a mobile device?

If you're on a mobile device, it's recommended you download the Baptist Health MyHealth app from the app store. After downloading, you will log in to MyChart by selecting MyChart from the bottom bar.

Who can use scheduled video visits?

You must be located in same state where your provider's office is located in at the time of the video visit. I.E., if your provider is located in Kentucky, you must be in Kentucky at the time of the video visit.

When can I use scheduled video visits?

You can be scheduled for a video visit on the same days and hours that your provider's office is open.

What can doctors treat during a scheduled video visit?
What scheduled video visits can be used for is at the discretion of your provider.
Can I get a prescription if needed?

Medications may be prescribed if the provider decides this is an appropriate treatment. Certain controlled medications may not be prescribed through virtual care. Prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

How to Get Started with a Scheduled Video Visit

  • Log in to MyChart. If you aren’t already using MyChart, your provider sent you an instant activation link when you set your video appointment.
  • If you are on a mobile device, be sure you have downloaded the Baptist Health MyHealth app. Once you open the MyHealth app, select MyChart in the bottom bar and log in to your account.
  • Select “Visits” – do not confuse your appointment with an Urgent Care Video Visit. 
  • Select your Video Appointment.
  • Log in to MyChart 15 minutes early to complete the eCheck-In process
  • Your browser will launch a new window and your provider will appear on the screen shortly.

  • Next Steps with MyChart

    Discover MyChart, a free patient portal that combines your Baptist Health medical records into one location. Schedule appointments, review lab results, financials, and more! If you have questions, give us a call.