Video Visits Technical Requirements

Quick Tips for Your Best Care

To ensure you have the best experience during your Virtual Care video visit, follow these tips:


Mobile App

  • If you are on a mobile device, it is recommended that you download the Zoom app prior to beginning your video visit with a provider. You do not have to have a Zoom account for a video visit.


  • To begin your video visit, visit Baptist Health MyChart. Video visits work in most browsers. If you are on mobile, it is recommended to have the Zoom app downloaded. No account is required through Zoom for a video visit.
  • Using Zoom for video visits through the MyChart website gives a better experience on the Web.

Visit Visuals

  • When starting your video visit, please center the camera on yourself and make sure the environment around you is well lit. Avoid having a window or other bright light directly behind you so our providers can see your face.

How to Get Started with a Scheduled Video Visit

  1. Log into MyChart. If you aren’t already using MyChart, your provider sent you an instant activation link when you set your video appointment.
  2. If you are on a mobile device, be sure you have downloaded the Zoom app.
  3. Select “Visits” – do not confuse your appointment with an Urgent Care Video Visit.   
  4. Select your Video Appointment.
  5. Log into MyChart 15 minutes early to complete the eCheck-In process
  6. Your provider will appear on the Zoom screen shortly.

Next Steps with MyChart

Discover MyChart, a free patient portal that combines your Baptist Health medical records into one location. Schedule appointments, review lab results, financials, and more! If you have questions, give us a call.