E-Visits FAQ

Who can use eVisits?

You must be located in Kentucky or Indiana when you submit the eVisit online interview. eVisits are available for those ages 1 and older.

What can doctors treat during an eVisit?

eVisits are appropriate for over 25 different conditions including but not limited to allergies, sinus infections, cough, ear pain, bladder infections, UTIs, migraines, headaches, GERD, rashes, low back pain, pink eye, head lice or mouth sores.

When can I use eVisits?

eVisits can be submitted and are reviewed by providers 24/7. Typically, you can expect a diagnosis and treatment plan from a provider within 60 minutes.

What is the cost of an eVisit?

An eVisit costs $30, with no insurance being collected at this time. If the clinical staff does not feel that this visit should be completed, you will be notified and not billed.

Who answers submitted eVisit questionnaires?

eVisits are sent to a highly qualified pool of Baptist Health urgent care providers.

Do you need video for an eVisit?

There is no need to turn on video during an eVisit.

Why should I use an eVisit for telehealth?

eVisits provide the same quality care you trust from Baptist Health and our providers without you having to leave home and no matter the day or time. eVisits are a low-cost option for urgent care that allows you to skip the waiting room and all information from an eVisit is available within your medical record in MyChart.

How long is an eVisit questionnaire?

An eVisit questionnaire will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes for you to complete and submit.

Do you need an appointment for an eVisit?
No appointment is needed for an eVisit.
Can I get a prescription during an eVisit?

If a provider recommends a prescription for your care, medication will be prescribed and sent to the nearest pharmacy of your choice.

How to Get Started with an eVisit

1. Sign in to MyChart on your computer or the MyHealth mobile app.

2. Select Menu and then click eVisit.

3. Your eVisit will start by asking you questions about your symptoms.

4. After you submit your questionnaire, a virtual urgent care provider will follow up with a recommended treatment plan for you.

Next Steps with MyChart

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