General TytoCare Device FAQs

What exams can I do with the TytoCare device?
TytoCare devices have the following exam capabilities: camera for photos & videos of the skin and throat, thermometer for taking your temperature, otoscope for looking inside the ears, stethoscope for the heart, lung and abdomen sounds in addition to capturing heart rate.
When should I use a TytoCare device?
TytoCare devices provide an on-demand physical exam that captures heart, lung, ear, throat and temperature exams. Make sure to pair your TytoCare device with your MyChart account as soon as you receive it so that it is ready to use when you need it. You may need to use your TytoCare device when you or a family member is feeling sick or even for wellness checks.
Are TytoCare devices equivalent to the tools used in a provider's office?
Yes, the TytoCare device is designed to replicate the exams performed during an in-office exam. TytoCare provides your provider with high-quality digital sounds of the hearts and lungs, high-quality digital images and video of the ears, throat and skin and body temperature.
Do I need any training to be able to utilize the TytoCare device?
You will be prompted to complete TytoCare Academy when setting up your TytoCare device. We highly recommend you take the time to complete the academy when first receiving your device so that you are ready when a visit is needed in the future. There are also user guides and video tutorials as needed.
How long does it take to setup and complete training for TytoCare?
The process of setting up your device will take up to 10 minutes including unboxing, registration, pairing and TytoCare Academy.
What should I do when I receive my TytoCare device?
When you receive your TytoCare device, it's recommended that you unbox, register the device, pair it with your MyChart account and complete TytoCare Academy. This usually takes about 10 minutes and allows you to be ready to use TytoCare when you need to see a provider or feel under the weather.
Can you use TytoCare without the remote exam of a provider?
Yes, TytoCare devices can be used for self-exams.
Who can use the TytoCare device?
Anyone in your household may use the TytoCare device. Only one device is necessary per family.
What WiFi or hotspots are needed for the TytoCare device to work?
WiFi or cellular service of some type is required to use the TytoCare device for an urgent care video visit.
What kind of smartphone or tablet do I need to use TytoCare?
TytoCare currently works with iOS 14 and 15 and Android (4.4.4 and above), and is compatible with most Apple and Android devices.

Cost, Coverage & Provider FAQs

How will I know if/when my primary care provider can perform a TytoCare visit?
Patients can expect to receive an email with notification in addition to announcements at your provider's office.
Is there a monthly subscription fee to use TytoCare?
No, there is no monthly subscription fee to use TytoCare at this time.
Is TytoCare FDA cleared?
The TytoCare stethoscope is FDA cleared and all other devices comply with FDA requirements.
Are TytoCare devices FSA/HSA approved?
Yes, TytoCare devices are approved for purchasing with FSA/HSA funds.
Can I use my FSA/HSA to purchase a TytoCare device?
Yes, because TytoCare is FSA/HSA approved, all you need to do is checkout on baptisthealthdigital.tytocare.com using your FSA/HSA card. You're also able to use another form of payment and apply for reimbursement through your plan.
Is the TytoCare device covered by insurance?
At this time, we aren't aware of any insurance providers that cover the TytoCare device. For additional coverage details, reach out to your insurance provider. Your FSA and HSA can be used to cover your TytoCare device.
Do you need a prescription to buy a TytoCare device or for the TytoCare device to be FSA eligible?
No prescription is needed to purchase a TytoCare device or for the device to be covered by your HSA/FSA account.
Who are the providers on the other end of my urgent care video visit with TytoCare?
Currently, all TytoCare visits go to our 24/7, virtual care team of advanced nurse practitioners. Baptist Health is in the process of adding primary care providers to the TytoCare program.
Are urgent care video visits with TytoCare covered by insurance?
Urgent care video visits with TytoCare are covered by a number of insurance providers. For your specific coverage details, please reach out to your insurance provider. Visits are available for out-of-pocket costs to those not covered.
How long can I use my TytoCare device with a Baptist Health provider?
It is anticipated that TytoCare devices will be compatible with Baptist Health providers through at least March 2024. After that date, service may continue with Baptist, or if that service is not available, you may have the option to re-register your TytoCare device to the national telehealth provider for telehealth services and Tyto functionality.

Experiencing an Issue or Need Support?

Whether you need technical support with your TytoCare device or have questions about Baptist Health and Tyto, we're happy to help.