Services and Programs

Healthy bodies and healthy activity go hand in hand. Whether we play sports, enjoy leisurely walks, or go all in on our daily routine, freedom of movement is critical to living the life you want. That’s why the orthopedic and sports medicine specialists at Baptist Health are in your corner, ready to serve. Our highly trained, award-winning team has decades of experience in helping put patients with musculoskeletal issues on the mend. We treat the entire range of orthopedic conditions, including broken bones, athletic injuries, infections, spinal diseases, cancers, and degenerative disorders.

Baptist Health sustains your muscle and skeletal health with the following services and programs:


  • Orthopedic care. Baptist Health offers full-spectrum support for orthopedic wellness, including evaluation, diagnosis, testing, lab work, surgical and non-surgical services, and emergency care.
  • Sports medicine. Our sports-medicine specialists will get you off the sidelines and back into the game. From injury repair and rehabilitation to athletic-trainer support, we’re a winning addition to any team.
  • Therapy and rehabilitation programs. Baptist Health provides patients with an extensive array of restorative programs, including outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitative programs for joint replacements and similar orthopedic treatments.