Jordan's Orthopedic Story

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- [Jordan] I've always really played the same
position my entire life just because I've always been

on the small side.

But I feel like it's helped me become a leader,
just showing people that, like, no matter...

Even fourth quarter down by
four touchdowns, anything is possible.

Just keep your head up and keep pushing.

- [Irea] Football's everything to him.

It's in his heart, and it's in his soul.

And his dream is to play football.

So it always has been.

So to even see that maybe possibly
not even be in his reach was hard.

Jordan's struggles with his shoulder began
his junior year, and he was at a football game.

He got hit and injured in that football game.

He didn't tell any of us at first that he was injured
because he wanted to finish the season,

so no one was aware that he had the injury.

- I mean, I really couldn't do anything.

I'd say I probably had, like, 30% range of motion,
and then, like, I would go to sleep.

I would wake up, it would hurt.

I would open my door to get in the shower,
it would hurt.

I wasn't nervous but it was just more something
that I tried to block out for as long as I could.

Kallee's my athlete trainer.

- She's done a lot more than that
for Jordan to be honest with you.

She's really God-sent.

And she is the saving grace that sent us to Dr. Abeln.

- [Kallee] It's the senior season,
and it was really important to him.

He's looking to get some college offers.

So he and I just, kind of, made a deal that,
"Hey, I may pull you out for some practices.

Hey, you know, we're up by 30%,
I'm going to pull you out and not let

you play anymore."

And so once we did that,
we were able to kind of get him through the season.

And then right afterwards,
I talked to his mom and said, "Hey, look,

we got to get him in with Dr. Abeln,"
and she said, "I don't know.

His previous surgery didn't go very well."

And I was like, "Look,
Dr. Abeln did one of my surgeries.

He's great.

I trust him."

- [Dr. Abeln] Yeah, Jordan, unfortunately,
had some issues with some healing of a labrum tear

and there was some questionable debris
in the shoulder that can happen both with an injury,

sometimes after surgeries where you can have loose
pieces of either hardware that's put in or tissues

in the shoulder that haven't healed right.

So we saw both of those, unfortunately.

- And he shows us the MRIs, which blew me away.

You could see bone fragments
that the other doctor had left.

Dr. Abeln was very compassionate.

He was compassionate to the fact that
we were both scared, and he was so comforting.

He talked to us in terms that we could understand.

He didn't talk over our head, which was awesome.

So I left out of there feeling confident.

- Dr. Abeln's great.

I mean, I feel like he was being [inaudible]
and really honest with me about, like,

what would happen if I didn't have the surgery,
what would happen if I have it,

and I feel like that made my decision way easier.

- Dr. Abeln said, "Well,
I can assure you that I'm going to do everything I can

to make sure that you heal right,
that the surgery's done right,

and that you get back to playing football."

And I said, "I know you are because God already
told me you were and I already prayed of you."

And he said, "Thank you."

- Patients come to us with fears but also strengths.

And if your faith is a strength,
they can kind of help you in this.

I want to encourage that, because, you know,
I try and be optimistic and provide, you know,

goals and things that we're going to do well.

But if there's another source of strength whether it's
family or faith, then we have to encourage that.

- Going into surgery,
I didn't know what the outcome would be and I couldn't

be any more happy with the outcome that I've got.

- We got to move as human beings,
and that's key to any recovery.

Whether it's from an arthritis injury
or a sports injury or a fracture injury,

we're designed to move and so we have to
incorporate that within reason to be who we are.

For Jordan, I mean, he had goals to get back on the
field and keep playing and get his shoulder healthy so

that he could do the things he needed to do as an
athlete, stay healthy, and get back in the game,

and keep playing.

- I see my future of me going to college,
playing football, and then I want to become

an athletic trainer.

And then my plan is to go to the NFL.

To see something that you've worked so hard for
actually come true, it's an amazing feeling.

- We've changed our healthcare.

The whole family now is under Baptist Health.

If I have to go to a hospital,
it will be Baptist Health.

The pain is gone.

Like, he has zero pain.

I think Dr. Abeln saved his future.

He saved his future.

♪ [music] ♪

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