Supporting Our Patients Every Step of the Way

Committed to Providing Specialized Programs That Address the Needs of our Orthopedic Patients.

Patient Support and Education

Being part of the Baptist Health family means you and your family are our top priority. We are committed to creating specialized programs that address the needs of our orthopedic patients.
To keep our patients healthy and informed, we’ve created classes that include: 
  • Pre-surgery education classes
  • Arthritis education classes
  • Joint Power hydrotherapy 

Pre-Surgery Education Classes

Education and information are key to shorter recovery times and quicker healing for our patients. Learn more about our special pre-surgery education class  to prepare you and your family for surgery.

Arthritis Education Classes

While arthritis can be painful and uncomfortable, there are ways to reduce arthritis pain and increase your mobility and strength. Learn about the different types of arthritis and ways to manage the pain they cause in our arthritis education  classes.

Joint Power Hydrotherapy 

In conjunction with the Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center, we’ve designed a special water therapy class to help prepare you for hip and knee replacement surgeries. Learn more about Joint Power hydrotherapy.

Repairing Hip Fractures

Surgeon Janak Talwalkar, MD, at Baptist Health Lexington, discusses the options for repairing a fractured hip, explaining how the right treatment and therapy can ensure a full recovery.