Steve's Orthopedic Story

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Prior to surgery, going up and
down the stairs was difficult.

A lot of the outdoor activities I could do, you
know, mow my lawn, different things like that,

were really limited by the pain in my knee.

I went to Baptist Health LaGrange Orthopedics
and I met with Dr. Nicholas Kenney, and

he did X-rays and testing, and
diagnosed me with osteoarthritis.

It was definitely something... You knew

everytime you put a step down you would feel
that pain going up, you know, into your knee.

So, we jointly made the decision
that it's time to replace the knee.

Prior to surgery, they conduct at Baptist
Health LaGrange a boot camp class.

And it goes through the things that you need
to know prior to, and what to expect after

surgery. This was my first major
surgery and it was amazingly quick.

They had me up the same
day of surgery, walking.

And I was just amazed
at how little pain it was.

And I thought, "Well, this must be just, you
know, the pain medication taking effect,"

you know. "It's going to get worse
as it goes on." It never did.

Before surgery, I would go up,
put my left foot up on the step,

and I had to bring my right leg up.

And I would do that all the
way up the flight of stairs.

After surgery, I walk up
like a normal person.

It feels good to be able to walk normally.

Now, the Baptist Health group has been great
in all services, from the boot camp through the

actual surgery, and the physical
therapy afterwards for the rehab.

Everybody's been friendly, helpful.

I see other doctors for other conditions at
the hospital, and it's just a few miles from

my home. You know, I would
definitely recommend them.

It is the best decision I ever
made, to have my knee done.

In the last few months, we've got a new dog.
She's very active, she keeps me active and

she loves to fetch the ball
and bring it back to you.

It helps both of us, to her be active and me
be active and not have to pain with my knee.

I will definitely be back to Baptist Health
LaGrange to have my second knee done.

My left knee is experiencing pain
and I will definitely be back.

Again, it's the best decision I ever made.

When it comes to keeping your joints healthy, prevention is the best medicine. Together, we can protect your long-term health.