Inpatient Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit

The inpatient psychiatric units are the highest level of behavioral health care available at the Trillium Center. A collaboration between psychiatry, therapy and nursing care ensures that patients are offered comprehensive care in a safe environment. The adolescent psychiatric program provides intensive hospitalization for adolescents 12-17 years of age. The unit has 8 beds and offers psychiatric medical services and brief intensive therapy for adolescents and families. The goals for the unit are to provide family-centered care and crisis stabilization, as well as appropriate linkage to ongoing services that meet the needs of the adolescents and the family. 

What Can You Expect?

  • When first admitted to the unit, the patient and family will meet with a nurse to discuss paperwork, the unit, and undergo an initial safety assessment. During the first 24 hours, the patient will also meet with a therapist and a psychiatrist to better understand the needs of the patient and to plan for the course of appropriate treatment.
  • Throughout the stay, the patient and parents/guardians will work on establishing skills to handle current and future crises and develop a patient safety plan to increase well-being after discharge.
  • The inpatient unit is a group environment where participation in treatment is actively encouraged. A typical treatment day includes participation in group therapy, symptom management groups, school, individual psychotherapy, groups with Therapeutic Recreation, a psychiatric assessment, and intervention.
  • A teacher from the local school district will provide instruction so the patient does not fall behind in school during their stay.
  • The inpatient team, in conjunction with the parents/guardians, will start discharge planning and coordinate care with outside providers and agencies. The inpatient team can help connect families with outside therapies, school and home-based interventions, and other care teams to improve consistency.