Moyamoya Disease

What is Moyamoya Disease?

Moyamoya disease occurs when certain arteries in your brain are constricted, blocking blood flow.

In this condition, smaller blood vessels in your brain build-up around the blockage to compensate. But since they’re typically weaker than the artery, these vessels may be vulnerable to rupture.

The exact cause of Moyamoya disease is not known, although genetics and exposure to some other conditions may play a role.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Moyamoya Disease

Symptoms of Moyamoya disease may include hemorrhagic stroke or ischemic stroke, or a transient ischemic attack, when the blood vessels become blocked or hemorrhage.

Diagnosis of Moyamoya disease is often made via diagnostic imaging tests, such as:

  • CT Scan
  • MRI scan
  • Angiogram

Treatment of Moyamoya Disease

Medical treatment of Moyamoya disease is focused on reducing the risk of future stroke. This may include an aspirin regimen.

Surgical treatment for Moyamoya seeks to restore blood flow to the affected areas of the brain, often by reconnecting blood vessels.

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