What to Expect

At Baptist Health, We Guide You Every Step of the Way

If you’re selected to participate in a clinical trial, your physician and the Baptist Health study coordinator will work together to guide you through the process, as outlined in the trial protocol document. Your requirements may range from simple tasks, such as blood draws, to additional procedures at scheduled appointments.

In rare instances, the protocol may change after the trial begins, if the change will improve the testing of the new treatment or procedure. If this happens, the study coordinator will communicate these revisions and possibly ask you to sign an additional consent document agreeing to the updated protocol.

Your Responsibilities

As a participant in a clinical trial, please keep these points in mind:

It is important that you follow the protocol as carefully as possible. Ask the study coordinator or your doctor if there is anything you don’t understand or need additional information about.

Report any changes to your condition, such as feeling sick, a loss of appetite, or sudden mood changes to the study coordinator as soon as possible.

Failure to follow instructions as outlined in the protocol can jeopardize your participation in the trial. If you have any questions or concerns that may interfere with your ability to follow the clinical guidelines, please contact the study coordinator or your physician.

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