Lexington Pharmacy Residencies

The Baptist Health Lexington's Residency Program was established in 2010 and has graduated 64 residents since that time.

Baptist Health Lexington's foremost priority is to build the knowledge and skills of Residents to develop them into well-rounded, confident medical professionals. This is achieved through a novel longitudinal program structure designed to expose the Resident to a wide range of clinical experiences throughout the year. The selection of learning experiences is tailored to the goals and interests of the Resident and will prepare them for board certification, post-graduate year two (PGY2) residency training, or general practice in a variety of settings. Particular emphasis is placed on professional development, with each Resident taking part in our Leadership Certificate Program and Professional Development Seminar series.

The core rotations are designed to give the Resident a broad understanding of clinical pharmacy, and the elective rotations allow each Resident to further excel in their various areas of interest as well as expand their collaboration with the medical team. Repeated exposure to core practice settings throughout the year will allow the Resident to reinforce their clinical knowledge base and to apply previous Preceptor feedback. Coinciding with their clinical experiences, a longitudinal Administration experience will give Residents the opportunity to design and implement new policies and procedures via the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee as well as the Medication Safety Committee.

A variety of longitudinal experiences will provide the opportunity to develop, implement, assess, and publish a research project and also to design a publish a monthly pharmacy newsletter. Additionally, the resident will be able to broaden their precepting and teaching abilities by regularly precepting pharmacy students.

Learning Experiences
  • Administration
  • Anticoagulation Clinic
  • Central Distributional Practice
  • Infectious Disease
  • Informatics
  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Critical Care
  • Neurological Hospital Practice
  • Oncology Pharmacy Practice
  • Orthopedic Surgery Hospital Practice
  • Post-CT Surgery Critical Care
Longitudinal Activities
  • Adult Cardiac and Stroke Code response / ACLS Certification
  • Board Certification Preparation
  • Leadership Certificate Program
  • Medication Safety Committee
  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
  • Pharmacy Newsletter
  • PY4 Pharmacy Student Precepting
  • Research Project
Application Requirements - Application Deadline 1/3/2024 
  • Applications will be online via PhORCAS
  • In addition to standard material submitted through PhORCAS, applicants will be required to submit a site-specific application and a recent photo.
  • Salary ˜ $47,476/yr
  • Paid time off (12 days)
  • Professional Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Professional Travel Reimbursement/Meeting Reimbursement
  • Insurance: Health, Vision, Dental, Life & Disability
  • Free Parking
  • Credit Union
Contact Us:

Eric Marr, PharmD, MBA, BCPS
PGY1 Residency Program Director
1740 Nicholasville Rd.
Lexington, Ky. 40503