Central Pharmacy

Baptist Health is constructing a 102,000-square-foot Central Pharmacy Services Center in an undeveloped area of the Baptist Health La Grange campus property. The Central Pharmacy Services Center will benefit patients by increasing efficiencies at community and hospital pharmacies, streamlining distribution of medications to Baptist owned clinics, and expanding home delivery and specialty pharmacy services across the enterprise.

The Central Pharmacy Services Center will enhance inventory management in community and hospital pharmacies and clinics, freeing up time for staff to devote to patient-facing activities.

Centralized pharmacy services that facilitate the coordination of care include but are not limited to:

  • Medication utilization, hospital and clinic formulary management
  • Drug information services
  • Transitions of care (may be the same thing as one below and need to delete one or the other)
  • Central hub for medication reconciliation
  • Meds to Beds renewal fulfillment for maintenance prescriptions
  • Value-based care and population health
  • Medication refill synchronization services
  • Expansion of home delivery services for employees and dependents
  • Kit and tray production and distribution
  • Centralized inventory management and distribution
  • Bulk to unit-dose repackaging
  • Medication cabinet fill for hospitals
  • Expansion of specialty pharmacy service lines and clinics

If you are interested in joining our Pharmacy Team, please see our current open Pharmacy positions.