2021 Stroke Outcomes for Baptist Health Louisville

Total Number of Stroke patients treated at Baptist Health Louisville: 713

  • Ischemic Stroke - 635
  • Hemorrhagic (bleeding) stroke- 78

For patients arriving to Baptist health Louisville with stroke symptoms the average time from arrival to completion of a cat scan of the head is 19 minutes. The national goal is 20 minutes

24-hour stroke and death rate following diagnostic cerebral angiogram – 0%

Cerebral angiography is a diagnostic test that uses X-ray to evaluate the blood vessels in the head or neck to assess for blockages or abnormalities. This minimally invasive procedure helps to diagnose and determine the best treatment for certain patients with stroke and other cerebrovascular disease.

About this Measure

This measure tracks the percentage of patients who had a stroke or died within 24 hours after a diagnostic cerebral angiogram. In this case, a lower number is better.

Successful reperfusion following mechanical thrombectomy   

Substantial Reperfusion

Baptist Health Louisville


(TICI 2b-3)



TICI 2b and TICI 3 are considered successful for restoring blood flow to the brain.

About this measure

A grading system is used to measure how well blood flow is restored following a mechanical thrombectomy to remove a clot from a blood vessel in the brain. This is called a Thrombolysis in cerebral infarction (TICI) score. Scoring is defined below:

Grade 3- Complete restoration of blood flow in the brain

Grade 2b- Complete restoration of blood flow, but slower than normal

Grade 2a- Partial restoration of blood flow to the brain

Grade 1- Minimal restoration of blood flow to the brain

Grade 0 –No restoration of blood flow to the brain