Conditions We Treat

At Baptist Health, we treat both central nervous system and peripheral nervous system conditions. We offer a full spectrum of treatments for conditions that affect the brain, spine and nervous system. We provide professional, compassionate, personalized care for each patient. Our ultimate goal is to help our patients improve their quality of life.


Our team of specialists includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and certified rehabilitation counselors. We work together to provide the best possible care for our patients.

Learn More About Neurology and Stroke Conditions We Treat

We understand that neurological conditions can be complex and confusing, which is why we are committed to providing our patients with the best possible care and education. Our team of specialists is dedicated to helping patients understand their condition and develop a treatment plan that meets their individual needs.

We offer a variety of resources on our website, including educational articles, videos, and information on the latest technological advances in neurology and stroke care. To learn more about the neurology and stroke conditions we treat at Baptist Health, please contact us. 

Conditions we treat

Baptist Health treats a variety of neurology and stroke conditions.

  • Central Nervous System

    At Baptist Health, we understand the complex nature of central nervous system disorders. Our expert team of neurologists and neurosurgeons are committed to providing comprehensive, individualized care for each of our patients.

    Central Nervous System
  • Peripheral Nervous System

    If you are living with a peripheral nervous system condition, you know that the symptoms can be debilitating. The good news is that there are treatments available that can help you manage your condition and improve your quality of life.

    Peripheral Nervous System