What are E-Notifications?

E-notifications, or electronic notifications, are being sent by hospitals to local providers to support patient care coordination and improve the quality of care. These real-time e-notifications are part of a new CMS Condition of Participation that went into effect May 1, 2021.

The regulation stipulates that hospital systems have the ability to send real-time e-notifications must be sent to providers identified by a patient and may include a patient's primary care provider, primary care practice, and other post-acute providers. These e-notifications should be sent when a patient is registered/admitted, discharged, or transferred from an emergency department or inpatient service. At the minimum, e-notifications must contain the patient's name, the treating provider's name, and the sending institution, in this case, Baptist Health.

How to Get Started:

Baptist Health has partnered with PatientPing for an e-notification service called Route. Route has a direct messaging component where Baptist Health and PatientPing will send e-notifications to a patient's provider upon patient admission, discharge, and transfer events in accordance with CMS requirements. Route also provides a web-based portal where providers can both request and receive notifications about their patients. Once you submit your request, a PatientPing representative will contact you directly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How am I able to identify the patients I would like Baptist Health event notifications on?

Baptist Health has partnered with PatientPing to make a web-based platform available in the case that you as a provider (or post-acute facility) would like to proactively identify patients to receive notifications on.

How do I get more information on the web-based platform that is available?

Go to https://patientping.com/route-baptist-health/ and fill out the requested information. A PatientPing representative will reach out to discuss your options in more detail.

How do I identify my patients?

If you are an admitting post-acute facility, you have the option to integrate your electronic health record with PatientPing or manually enter your facility’s patient events. If you are an individual provider, you can fill out a roster of your patients and submit it through PatientPing’s web-based platform to then be able to receive notifications.

What is required if I want to submit a roster of patients?

PatientPing only requires six fields, which are primarily demographics. Additional fields are available to enhance the PatientPing match rate. A PatientPing representative is available to walk through this more information in detail. In addition, PatientPing has an instructions guide to assist users in loading patient rosters.