Crisis Or Disaster Guidelines

When a disaster or major medical emergency occurs, Baptist Health and the media will need to work closely together to quickly provide accurate information.

To accomplish this, Baptist Health has a crisis communications plan. In the event of a disaster or mass casualty incident, the media may be asked to:

  • Gather at a designated area to receive news releases and updates. Marketing & Public Relations, or other hospital representatives, will provide escort to the area.
  • Stay in the assigned area. Media crews may be given access to other areas of the campus, depending on the circumstances, but only with a Marketing & PR escort. Patient care area access may be restricted, especially if the crisis involves an infectious disease.
  • Restrict cell phone use if they are near medical equipment in patient care areas such as IV pumps, ventilators and monitors. Cell phones may be used in most areas of the hospital.
  • Conduct all on-site interviews only with a Marketing & PR escort present, and after having the proper authorization forms completed by the patient and/or guardian.
  • Display press credentials.