A Clinically Integrated Network

In 2012, Physicians in Western Kentucky embarked on a shared journey, to lead the transformation of healthcare, through the creation of a Clinically Integrated Network.

Today the physicians participating in Baptist Health Network Partners are leading the transformation through a renewed focus on improving quality, improving patient satisfaction and improving cost efficiency – The Triple Aim.

Over 200 physicians have collaborated to develop quality metrics for each specialty. Such metrics have been developed based on nationally recognized standards and evidence based medicine. To track and monitor performance, the physicians support the use of Healthy Planet, a leading physician quality and efficiency profiling tool. 

Healthy Planet provides each physician real time data so that progress can be made toward quality and cost goals. Finally, physicians will have access to some of the same information on which they have been judged by payers. The process has been one of learning and doing.  While we have not reached our final destination, we will evaluate the journey thus far and set the course for the future.

Peter Locken, MD
Chairman Baptist Health Network Partners LLC