Safety Goals and Rankings

Our Goal: Hope and Healing in a Safe Environment

At Baptist Health, our commitment to patient safety is a commitment to reducing and eliminating preventable harm.

As part of this commitment, Baptist Health has joined other leading healthcare systems in resolving to become a high-reliability organization. High-reliability organizations pursue evidence-based, best-practice medicine and quickly identify opportunities to improve processes. At Baptist Health, we work as a single team across our system to make our hospitals safe places of hope and healing.

Fighting Infections; Standardizing Processes

We, at Baptist Health have set specific goals to decrease two hospital-acquired infections: Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) and Clostridium difficile (C-Diff) infections, the latter of which is a bacterial infection of the colon that causes bloating, pain, and severe diarrhea. At Baptist, we are focusing on the behaviors and best practices that decrease these infections. Thanks to the commitment of our team members, we are making significant progress toward these goals. Learn more about how Baptist Health is fighting hospital-acquired infections.

Baptist Health is also committed to patient safety through standardizing our processes. We have teams at work identifying and implementing proven clinical practices to provide excellent care for our patients.

While not every error is preventable, Baptist Health is fully committed to patient safety. Clear infection goals and a commitment to standardized practices are key steps toward a safe environment.