Everyday Patient Safety at Baptist Health

At Baptist Health, Safety is How We Go About Our Work

As healthcare professionals, we perform a wide range of medical procedures at Baptist Health facilities. But as caring members of a local community, we use safety procedures every day at every facility. Baptist Health has implemented numerous steps to ensure a strong focus on patient safety.

Our Safety Record Is No Accident

Here are some of the processes we’ve put in place to support patient safety:

Patient Rounding. Illness and injury don't take time off, so neither do we. For the safety and comfort of our patients, Baptist Health nurses and nursing assistants check on patients regularly to address any physical or emotional needs. During rounds, patients and staff work together to address pain levels, mobility needs, and comfort, and to answer questions regarding care plans or daily goals.

Code H. Code H is a hotline system that enables patients or their caregivers to summon urgent medical care at their discretion, without waiting for the intervention of medical staff. All Baptist Health hospitals participate in the Code H program. Look for the Code H information on your next visit at one of our hospitals.

No Pass Zones. Baptist Health employees play an active role in maintaining a healthy hospital environment – even when doing nothing more than walking down a hallway. No Pass Zones create opportunity for every Baptist Health employee to stop and provide assistance. When a piece of trash is left on the floor, when visitors to the hospital appear lost, when a call light goes off, every Baptist Health employee is empowered to address these care issues immediately. In doing so, we ensure a clean, safe, and responsive environment for every patient, every family, and every employee.

Rapid Response Teams. Rapid Response Teams are on call 24/7 at every Baptist facility to provide critical medical assistance in the shortest possible time to any on-site patient that requires it. Think of the Rapid Response Team as an emergency resource operating inside the hospital, when urgent situations arise and time is of the essence.