Medicare Advantage

Updated 4/1/2024

At Baptist Health, it is our responsibility to provide the essential healthcare services our communities depend on.

Baptist Health has been negotiating in good faith with many of our Medicare Advantage insurance partners to secure new agreements. Some of those discussions have led to new agreements; others have not.

Our goal is to protect your trusted relationship with your physician and your in-network access to the high-quality care you need from our hospitals, outpatient facilities, and physician offices.

The most important issue in our discussions has been to safeguard the patient-physician relationship. It is our experience – and the experience of other healthcare providers across the country – that many Medicare Advantage plans routinely deny or delay approval or payment for medical care recommended by a patient’s physician. We think the need for medical care should be determined by a patient and his or her doctor, not an insurance company. We are working hard to protect our patients’ rights to the care that’s medically appropriate for them.

The enrollment and plan change opportunities for Medicare Advantage have expired for the 2024 plan year, but you may want to begin thinking about your options for 2025 when the open enrollment period opens again in October 2024. Picking the right Medicare plan for you is an important decision, and we want to make sure you have the information you need to make the best choice. Visit to learn your options.

For a list of Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans Baptist Health accepts, download our status chart.

For additional information on your specific plan, please visit the appropriate insurance provider FAQ page below.